How to Reach Scarborough by Airplane

Direct flights to Tobago are few, but connecting flights can be arranged

When it comes to travel in the Caribbean, Tobago is still one of the more quietly visited destinations in the region.  Because of this, fights into the airport nearest Scarbrorough are not as plentiful as perhaps nearby Trinidad, but making the effort to find a route that works for you is definitely worth the work.

Robinson International Airport

Tobago's international airport is A. N. R. Robinson International Airport (TAB) located near Canaan and is less than 30 minutes away from Scarborough by car.  Previously known as the Crown Point International Airport, it was renamed after Arthur Napoleon Raymond Robinson in 2011.  The airport features two terminals, one for regional and the other for international air travel.  Although the airport has regularly been serviced and upgraded since it opened in the 1940s, it remains a facility on the smaller side that does not welcome an exorbitant amount of international flights.  In fact, the majority of flights are connections through the airport on Trinidad

Flying to Scarborough from the US

Currently Caribbean Airlines offers the only flight direct to Tobago through New York City, and these offerings are seasonal.  That means it is quite possible you will have to travel first to Trinidad, then make a connection to Tobago.  If you go this route, you'll find flights are available from New York, New Jersey, Florida, and Texas.

If you're traveling from the states this list can be useful. Not all of the options you will be shown on some booking engines are logical choices so it's useful to see which airlines actually fly direct to this airport.

A. N. R. Robinson International Airport U.S. Flights
To/From Airport Code Airlines
New York, NY, USA JFK Caribbean Airlines

Flying to Scarborough from Europe

From Europe, you'll be able to fly with Condor Airlines from Germany or Virgin Airlines from the United Kingdom.  Like the flights from New York City, these offerings are seasonal, so know that once again, planning for a connection is a huge possibility.

If you will be flying across the Atlantic this list is the one you need.

A. N. R. Robinson International Airport European Flights
To/From Airport Code Airlines
Frankfurt, Germany FRA Condor Airlines
London, United Kingdom LGW Virgin Airlines

Flying to Scarborough from the Caribbean

Caribbean Airlines and British Airways are the main source of air travel between Tobago and the rest of the Caribbean.  As you've probably garnered from the information above, the likelihood that you'll first travel to the Piarco International Airport on Trinidad is high.  Fortunately, there are several flights a day for less than $50(USD) a person between the two islands.  They take about 20 minutes. 

See the table below for a complete list of air service from other regional airports. If there aren't any flights directly from your favorite airport, making a connection through another Caribbean airport might prove to be your best option.

A. N. R. Robinson International Airport Caribbean Flights
To/From Airport Code Airlines
Antigua, Antigua and Barbuda ANU British Airways
Trinidad, Trinidad and Tobago POS Caribbean Airlines

Next Stop, Scarborough

Whatever path you take to get to A. N. R. Robinson International Airport, getting from the airport to Scarborough isn't an ordeal.  To drive yourself, you'll take Claude Notel Highway to Orange Hill Road, turn right onto Orange Hill Road, left onto Milford Road, then left onto Wilson Road, and there you will find yourself in Scarborough.  There is also a bus to Scarborough from the airport about every half hour, and taxis wait outside the arrivals gate to provide transportation as well.

You may have to spend a little extra time and work planning to fly to Scarborough, but flying to Tobago is definitely a possibility.  From the airport, you'll only need to travel an additional half a hour, and you'll find yourself ready to begin your vacation in this unique island destination.  


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