Scarborough Attractions

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Scarborough, the largest and most populous city on the island of Tobago, is home to a wealth of cultural attractions for tourists to explore including a military fort and a history museum.  If you prefer to spend your time outdoors, the awe-inspiring beauty of one of several waterfalls, or a day spent at the beach should do the trick.  If the slots are calling your name, you're in luck as well, because even though it is hard to find a gaming facility in the center of town, you shouldn't have to travel more than 10 miles to try your luck. 


You'll find a large number of beaches to consider in and around the area. You can click on the name of the beach to get additional information concerning that specific beach.

A beach scene that's good for snorkeling is Bacolet Bay Beach. Used to shoot scenes from the Swiss Family Robinson film, this beach is of course a beauty, but it also has great conditions and a limited amount of facilities.

Another alternative worth considering is Bacolet Bay. A crudely paved rad leads to a parking area under tree cover just before the beach begins.

Little Rockley Bay: Old Milford Road runs parallel to Little Rockley Bay, which can be accessed by taking a side road and parking in a paved parking area right before the sand begins.

These examples are just a few of your choices. For a more comprehensive look at beaches, click this link.

Historical Sites

Fort King George

Do you enjoy exploring the history of the places you visit? If yes, you might want to visit a historical site while on vacation in Scarborough.

One popular destination is Fort King George. It is located in Scarborough. The fort is open on weekdays only from 9:00am until 5:00pm.

Fort Bennett: While it is mainly in ruins and buried beneath the ground, Fort Bennett was once a formidable battle-ready position that helped defend Tobago. Built originally by the Dutch around 1630, it was taken by the British in the 19th century when it got its name.

Take a moment to look through the table just below for more information about historic sites in and around Scarborough.

Historic Sites In and Around Scarborough
Name Phone Location
Fort Bennett -- Black Rock, 3.7 mi. West-Northwest of Central Scarborough
Fort King George (868) 675-7034 0.7 mi. East-Southeast of Downtown Scarborough

Miscellaneous Landmarks

Visitors will enjoy some other interesting local landmarks in Scarborough.

Miscellaneous Landmarks In Scarborough
Name Type Location Island
Fort George Lighthouse 0.7 mi. East-Southeast of Downtown Scarborough Tobago

Natural Attractions

Tobago Forest Reserve

Craig Hall Waterfall is one of the more popular outdoor tourist attractions. One of the easiest waterfalls to get to on the island of Tobago is Craig Hall Waterfall, which subsequently makes it one of the most visited.

Highland Waterfall is another site that needs mentioning. Located just outside of Plymouth and Arnose Vale, Highland Waterfall is the tallest on the island, yet one of the least visited. This is great for experienced hikers looking for a spot to call their own.

These are only a few of what you can find. Make your way to this article about natural attractions close to Scarborough if you'd like to find additional information.


Looking for a bit of action? Guests interested in trying their luck on the slots will find a handful of places to do so nearby.

Royalton Casino is found within Crown Point, 7.5 mi. West of central Scarborough. Royalton stands out for its collection of classic coin reel slots, but there are also video reel slots as well.

The casinos close to Scarborough can be seen in the chart below.

Gambling Near Scarborough
Name Type Located At Phone Location
Crystal Palace Gambling Site -- (868) 639-5565 5.5 mi. West-Southwest of Central Scarborough
Jade Monkey Casino & Bar Gambling Arcade Jade Monkey Casino Bar & Grill (868) 631-0044 Bon Accord, 6.5 mi. West of Central Scarborough
Royalton Casino Casino -- (868) 631-8500 Crown Point, 7.5 mi. West of Central Scarborough

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