Scarborough Ferries

Consider sailing on a ferry over flying between the islands to get to Scarborough

The two major modes of transportation between Trinidad and Tobago are to fly or to take the ferry.  While flying is certainly the quicker method, ferry services are extremely popular due to their low cost and the fact that many people find riding on a boat to be a fun and unique way to travel.

Riding the Ferries

The Port Authority of Trinidad and Tobago handles ferry services between the two islands, making it an extremely reliable source of transportation.  This is good news for tourists as well as locals who often depend on the service.  On Tobago, the ferry terminal is located right in Scarborough and will transport travelers to Port of Spain.  

The trip takes about two and a half hours and costs TT$37.50 which is just over $5(USD) per adult passenger.  You can also book a private cabin for the journey for TT$80, or about $12.50(USD), and even transport a vehicle between the two islands.  Do be aware that while children under the age of three travel for free, they will still need a ticket to board the ferry.  For a full list of prices take a look at the chart below.

Scarborough Ferry Port is the one local ferry dock. You can give them a call at (868) 639-2417; visit the dock in the heart of Scarborough.

Trinidad to Tobago Fares
Ticket TypePrice on Trinidad Dollars
Adult - Cabin TT $80.00
Adult - Economy TT $37.50
Child TT $18.75
Vehicle One Way TT $150.00
Vehicle Round Trip TT $250.00
Ferry Routes, Scarborough
Location Served Dock A Dock B Company Frequency
Port of Spain Scarborough Ferry Port Port Of Spain Ferry Dock Port Authority of Trinidad and Tobago at least daily

Ferry travel can be a fun way to travel between Trinidad and Tobago, and the fact that the ferry terminal is located directly in Scarborough is great news for those who will be staying in town.  If you're up for taking the more scenic route, skip the $50(USD) plane ride, and opt to sail with Trinidad and Tobago Inter-Island Ferry Service instead. 


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