Spas In Scarborough

If you know anything about Scarborough, you might think that a luxury spa is out of place here.  But, among the old buildings and vendor stalls, there are indeed a small number of day spas offering all of your favorite treatments like body wraps and scrubs, facials, and massage.  

If you enjoy going to spas, you might be happy to discover several options.

If you're looking forward to unwinding, you can check with Le Grand Courlan Spa. Offering a full range of traditional and modern spa treatments, Le Grand Courlan has just the right blend of treatments to attract clients from all walks of life. They are located 3.5 mi. West-Northwest of central Scarborough.

A second option is Oceans of Notions Spa. There are plenty of services to choose from at Oceans of Notions by Lisa. This includes expert manicures, chocolate pedicures, hot stone massage therapy, aroma therapy with your choice of oils, and a rejuvenating body scrub. You can call them at (868) 631-8961.

You can look through the chart below for a few key facts concerning local establishments.

Spas In And Around Scarborough
Name Phone Location
Le Grand Courlan Spa (868) 639-9667 3.5 mi. West-Northwest of Central Scarborough
Oceans of Notions Spa (868) 631-8961 Bon Accord, 6.5 mi. West of Central Scarborough
Tropical Island Spa (868) 660-7700 Scarborough

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