Scarborough Transportation

Transportation comes easy in a town like Scarborough

Scarborough is the largest town on Tobago, the most frequented tourist destination, and the hub of transportation on this island.  If you're staying in this town, you can rest assured that all of your transportation needs are taken care of, whether they bring you by air or by sea, and then of course, on land. 

Air Travel

Tobago's A. N. R. Robinson International Airport is located just a few minutes outside of Scarborough, and although it is in fact an international airport, most travelers will still have to fly to the Piarco International Airport on Trinidad before switching to a Caribbean Airlines flight and making their final descent to Tobago.  If you're set on booking as direct a flight to the island as possible, click here to find out how. 


Don't let the lack of a port of entry on Tobago turn you away from planning to sail to Scarborough. There is a great marina available to those who want to make the admittedly long journey, but first you'll have to clear in over in Chaguaramas on Trinidad.  Learn about the whole process by reading our Scarborough Sailing Guide.


Scarborough is a major cruise port in the Caribbean, and one that really caters to passengers with a bustling terminal.  The first building you encounter when you arrive has an ice cream shop, the Tourism Information Office, and a number of tour guide operators.  Within walking distance, you'll encounter vendors selling local goods, restaurants, and easy access to transportation. 

Rental Cars

Between Trinidad and Tobago, Tobago falls behind on road conditions.  Many roads are rugged, winding, and a little unnerving to manage.  Scarborough, however, stands out as a busy city and should be fairly easy for most tourists to manage.  To rent a car here, you'll need to be over the age of 25 and have a valid driver's license.  Get tips on driving plus learn the steps for renting a car in Scarborough by clicking here


Scarborough is a large enough town that taxis are readily available without being a nuisance. You'll find them in the busiest parts of town, like by the markets, big hotels, and by the port.  The best way to tell a taxi apart from other vehicles on the street is by looking for the letter “H” on the license plate, but there are also taxi stands throughout town where you can stop by and order a cab.  The fares are individually regulated by the taxi company, so always make sure to confirm the price before the driver takes of.  Scarborough also has a service called the Maxi Taxi.  These are privately owned mini buses that seat between 12 and 24 passengers and offer sightseeing tours until around 9:00 p.m. each night.  Click here to learn more.


Scarborough is the main hub of bus transportation on the island, with the main station located on Milford Road and Sangster Hill Road not far from the ferry terminal.  There are regular (yet unreliable) services from town to Crown Point, Plymouth,  Charlottevilla, Speyside, Parlatuyier, Castara, and Roxborough.  Costs range from TT$2 to TT$6 depending on the destination, and the ride could be anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes.  


The Port Authority of Trinidad and Tobago offers ferry services several times a day that travel between Port of Spain, Trinidad and Scarborough, Tobago.  It takes about two and a half hours to make the 20 minute journey, but with such low prices, many tourists find the longer trip to be worth saving the money they would have to spend to otherwise fly – especially if they are traveling with a large party.  Get the full details by clicking here

If you're staying on Tobago, Scarborough is without a doubt the top choice for a number of reasons – and the plentiful transportation options are one of them.  However you feel comfortable getting around, you can arrange to make it happen in this busy and colorful island town. 


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