Seven Mile Beach Transportation Options

Seven Mile Beach is one of the easiest places to find transport to in the Cayman Islands

Known as one of the top resort beach destinations in the world, Seven Mile Beach caters to tourists like nowhere else on the island of Grand Cayman.  Among other things, this means extremely easy access to all forms of transportation, be it at sea, on the ground, or in the air. 

Air Travel

Seven Mile Beach is just moments away from the major international airport in the Cayman Islands.  Owen Roberts International Airport is a small facility, but it handles the amount of visitors that land here each week well.  Regular flights arrive from the United States, Canada, and other countries within the Caribbean with the majority of those planes arriving from Miami, Florida.  Most likely, you'll encounter a connection in Miami, but there are ways around that if you are not on a tight schedule.   


If you're heading to Seven Mile Beach by boat, you'll be within easy reach of one of two ports of entry in the Cayman Islands and two of the top marinas, both located in Georgetown.  A word of caution is necessary, however, because the reef that surrounds Grand Cayman make a difficult path to navigate.  You can find out more about sailing to Seven Mile Beach here.


Seven Mile Beach is less than 10 minutes away from the main cruise terminal in the Cayman Islands.  Set in downtown Georgetown, this port actually has ships anchor off shore then tender passengers to shore.  This doesn't stop any of the major cruise lines from including it on their itinerary, so if you're looking for a day on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, be on the lookout for cruises of the West Caribbean.

Rental Cars

While traffic may be a bigger problem in and around Seven Mile Beach than other areas of the island, renting a car is still a recommended form of transportation.  Costs are low and plenty of local resorts rent vehicle for guests right on property.  Plus, the road conditions are good and those inexperienced in driving in a foreign country should have a fairly easy time of it. For a listing of local agencies and tips on driving in the area, click here


Taxis can always be spotted going from resort to resort on Seven Mile Beach, but be warned, they frown upon sandy, wet passengers climbing in.  Rates are set by the government, so there is no haggling necessary.  Your driver should always have the rate card either posted or on hand in the vehicle so you'll know right away how much you're spending.  In addition to the cost of the trip, it is the custom to tip your driver between 15 and 20 percent.   Our guide to Seven Mile Beach Taxis has everything you need to know about using this service. 


The public bus system on Grand Cayman services Seven Mile Beach and the rest of Georgetown, Bodden Town, East Side, North Side, and West Bay.  These buses are actually mini vans that run on set routes, but they serve the same purpose and at less than $5(USD) a trip, they can't be beat.  The main bus terminal is at the center of Georgetown on Edward Street, but if you see one on the street just flag them down and the driver will usually be happy to pick you up. 

Seven Mile Beach has the privilege of easy access to all of the island's top transportation options.  That means whatever option you feel most comfortable utilizing, you can use with ease. 


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