Attractions in Simpson Bay

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Simpson Bay Lagoon is one of the largest inland lagoons in the Caribbean, and the community that surrounds it fully takes advantage of the natural scenery that abounds between this attraction and the bay itself.  Despite its location so near the airport, this area of the island is rarely overcrowded, so tourists who visit can spend their days exploring local attractions with ease. 


Simpson Bay Beach

You will discover several beaches to visit in and around the area. You can click on the beach names to get additional information concerning that particular stretch of sand.

Burgeaux Bay: Located on the southwestern end of the island, Burgeaux Bay feaures a small strip of white sand surrounded by palms and small villas. The area, which lacks major resorts or hotels, is primarily used by locals.

A second alternative worth considering is Simpson Bay Beach. Simpson Bay Beach is easily accessible via car and taxi, particularly due to its close proximity to the airport. Drivers should take Airport Road to Sr.

Kim Sha Beach: Kim Sha is located behind the bridge an outside the lagoon of Simpson Beach.

Needless to say, the area has many other beaches in and around the area. Click this link to visit our page concerning beaches for Simpson Bay.

Landmark Attractions

Border Obelisk

Border Obelisk is a historical site near Simpson Bay. At the Border Obelisk, visitors can walk around the monuments which marks the official border that splits the two countries, as well as several national flags.

Another popular destination is Musee Des Coquillages. It is located in downtown Marigot, 2.3 mi. North-Northeast of central Simpson Bay. One of the largest shell museums in the world, Musee Des Coquillages has over 5000 shells. They feature shells from extinct animals, general sea shells, as well as art made from some of the shells they have found.

Old Prison: For many years, the Old Prison of Marigot held the prisoners of the island who committed various crimes. The prison's role changed however in 1968, when the building was converted into a fire station and the prisoners transferred to a newer site.

This region offers some other sites to visit. If you're interested, obtain more information about landmarks nearby here.

Natural Attractions

St. Maarten Zoo

Seaside Nature Park is one of the most enjoyable outdoor tourist attractions. Visitors looking to explore the natural side of Sint Maarten will be pleased with the Seaside Nature Park; which takes an already beautiful natural coastline and combines it with miles of trails that twist in and out of the forest. Nature lovers will be able to explore the area and experience some amazing sights.

Emilio Wilson Historic Park is a second outdoor attraction worth a visit. Emilio Wilson Park sits on the grounds of what was once a sugar plantation kept in operation by slave labor. In 1954, Emilio Wilson, the grandson of a former slave, bought the property and opened it to the public as a park in memory of the slaves who made St. Martin what it was. Today, the property is controversial, but it remains open for recreational use.

These are just a few of the choices you'll find. To navigate to our complete page about natural attractions near Simpson Bay, read this page.


Feeling lucky? Vacationers wanting to try their luck in some gaming action have a few opportunities to do so in this area.

Paradise Plaza Casino, which is part of Paradise Mall, is located in southeastern Simpson Bay. Brightly lit and always clean, the lines of gaming machines at Paradise Plaza Casino are inviting and perhaps even mesmerizing.

If you enjoy playing the slots, you could give Princess Casino a try. Players will have to wait until 1:00 p.m. to try their luck and Princess Casino, where hey can then stay until 4:00 a.m.

Lightning Casino: Just a few minutes away from the airport, Lightning Casino caters to sports fans with big screen televisions broadcasting sporting events from around the world while they game.

These are only some of the places worth checking out Click here to see our page concerning gaming in Simpson Bay.


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