Scuba Diving Near Simpson Bay

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Most of the prime diving sites that Simpson Bay is known for are too far off the coast for shore dives, so open water dives are the way to go.  Fortunately, there is a handful of dive operators in the area ready to not only host these dive excursions, but train new divers on how to do it. 

You'll find several dive operators, a dive shop, and at least 11 good dive sites to choose from.

Dive Operators and Shops

The dive shop available are provided in the following table.

Dive Shops Near Simpson Bay
Name Type Phone Location Island
The Scuba Shop Dive Shop//12577 (721) 545-3213 0.3 mi. Southeast of Central Simpson Bay the island of St. Martin and Sint Maarten
Dive Adventures

If you'd like to go diving, you might want to check with Ocean Explorers. Take the plunge and dive down to the sea floor with Ocean Explorers. This passionate group can take you all along the Sint Maarten Marine Park along the coast of Sint Maarten to dive down and see the diverse and thriving sea life. They are located in Simpson Bay.

Another good option is Dive Adventures. Yes, you can sign up for anyone of the typical PADI dive courses, daily open water dives, and even night dives with Dive Adventures. On-island guests can depart from Simpson Bay Resort, and cruise ship passengers from Divi Little Bay, closer to the cruise port. They can be reached at (721) 544-2640.

A third option is Dive Safaris. While Dive Safaris offers basic open water dives and a host of PADI certification courses, what most people want to know about is the fact that they specialize in shark awareness dives. Here you will learn all about these majestic creatures and be lead to an area where sharks are common. They're located in Simpson Bay.

Some information concerning diving services in the area can be seen directly below.

Dive Operators Near Simpson Bay
Name Phone Location
Dive Adventures (721) 544-2640 0.7 mi. Southeast of Central Simpson Bay
Dive Safaris (721) 545-2401 0.3 mi. East-Southeast of Central Simpson Bay
Ocean Explorers (721) 544-5252 Simpson Bay

Dive Services

The table right below provides the typical cost of dive services in this area.

Dive Services
Offering Type Low Rate High Rate
Discover Scuba $ 65.0 $ 90.0
Double Tank Dive $ 95.0 $ 110.0
Night Dive $ 74.0 $ 78.0
Open Water Certification $ 425.0 $ 460.0
Single Tank Dive $ 50.0 $ 65.0

Dive Sites

Review the table below for a few details regarding some of the area's better-known dive sites.

Dive Sites Near Simpson Bay
Name Quality Experience Max Depth Latitude Longitude
Carib-Ghost -- -- 66.0 18.014247324 -63.0779075646
Charlie's Shoal -- -- 54.0 18.0274697922 -63.1040000939
D.B. Reef -- -- 66.0 18.0232256513 -63.0959320092
Dom's Reef -- -- 60.0 18.0155532909 -63.0900955223
French Reef -- -- 33.0 18.0197976167 -63.0856323265
Isabela Very Good Advanced Open Water / CMAS ** 100.0 18.0250212619 -63.1146430993
Moon Scape -- -- 40.0 18.0162062708 -63.101768496
Pastaga Deep -- Advanced Open Water / CMAS ** 360.0 18.0166960041 -63.1211662316
Porpoise Very Good Open Water / CMAS * 90.0 18.034162268 -63.1330108666
Samson's Reef -- -- 54.0 18.0237153651 -63.1079483056
The Sister -- -- 100.0 18.0294285919 -63.110866549

For more information concerning diving, including tips and suggestions for both beginners and experienced divers, read this detailed Caribbean scuba diving article.


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