Activities in Sint Maarten

From dawn until dusk, you'll find plenty to keep you busy in St. Maarten

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If you imagine yourself being kept busy from the time you wake up until the time you go to bed, then St. Maarten is a great spot for your next Caribbean vacation. While it is possible to simply relax on the beach and laze the days away, why would you want to with so much to see and do?

Bike and Scooter Rental

While the Dutch side of the island is a bit more urbanized making it great for cars, the close proximity of attractions to eachother makes bikes and scooter a very plausable option.

If you are thinking about sightseeing at a more leisurely pace, you will encounter multiple different rental agencies that can help. To navigate to our complete guide to bike or scooter rentals, read this article.


Sint Maarten Diving

erience doesn't end with splashing in the surf and lying in the sand. You can also take up a few water based hobbies, like scuba, and snorkeling. These are two of the top reasons that people travel to the Caribbean, because the crystal clear waters and bountiful coral reef systems make for great underwater experiences.

Sint Maarten's many services and clear waters make for a great opportunity to head off-shore and dive one of the many sites. No matter what your skill set, there will be a dive for you, or at least trainers to help you get where you want to be.

You'll find 7 dive operators and at least 22 interesting dive sites to choose from. To read more about diving in this area follow this link.

Events and Festivals

If you're up for learning about local culture and having fun, attending an event or festival during your trip to St. Maarten is a great way to do so. One of the most popular festivals takes place in April, and that is Carnival. Carnival is prevalent throughout all of the Caribbean, and is typified by numerous parades, dancing in the streets, costumes, and lots of good food. Other St. Maarten events include Arts in the Park and the Allegiance Race.


Taylor Made Charters

Fishing is another popular pastime in St. Maarten. Chartering a boat to take you out on a deep sea fishing expedition is great fun, and if you're an angler at heart, you won't be able to think about anything but how much potential there is to make the biggest catch of your life. If you can't bring yourself to throw your catch back in, most hotel restaurants will cook your days catch for you.  

If you have some fishing fanatics in your group, they're in luck -- there are 8 charter fishing services in this area. For more in formation concerning deep sea fishing in this area, go to this page.


Want to play some golf on vacation? Sint Maarten isn't exactly paved with golf greens from end to end, but there is one golf course to be aware of. The only course in the area is Mullet Bay Golf Course. Click to see our guide to golf courses throughout St. Martin and Sint Maarten Island.

Sailing and Boating

Random Wind

The table just below provides some key facts concerning local providers that can help you spend some time on the open water.

Boating Opportunities In Sint Maarten
Name Phone Location
Aqua Mania Adventures (721) 544-2640 2.8 mi. South of Central Marigot
Blue Safaris (721) 526-2749 0.4 mi. Southeast of Central Philipsburg
Bluebeard Charters (721) 587-5935 0.6 mi. Southeast of Central Simpson Bay
Captain Alan's Boat Charters (721) 580-0377 0.2 mi. East of Central Oyster Pond
Captain Morgan Charters (721) 526-2467 Simpson Bay
Celine Charters (721) 526-1170 3.9 mi. South-Southeast of Central Marigot
Garfield Fun Charters (721) 587-1503 2.5 mi. South of Central Marigot
Lord Sheffield (721) 552-0875 0.8 mi. South-Southeast of Central Philipsburg
Offshore Sensations Simpson Bay (721) 527-1444 2.1 mi. South-Southwest of Central Marigot
Out Island Charters (721) 543-0068 Simpson Bay
Passaat Classic Schooner (721) 580-3301 2.5 mi. South of Central Marigot
Pirate Tours (305) 879-0941 0.5 mi. South-Southeast of Central Philipsburg
Random Wind (721) 587-5742 2.5 mi. South of Central Marigot
Robinson Speed Boat Tours (721) 581-3798 0.5 mi. Southeast of Central Philipsburg
Soualiga Destinations (631) 458-0543 0.5 mi. Southeast of Central Philipsburg
Sugar Rush Charters (721) 580-4404 Cole Bay, Central Sint Maarten

If you're interested in learning about marinas and charter operators click this link.


St. Maarten Museum Gift Shop

One of the best places to shop in the whole of the Caribbean is St. Maarten. The combination of duty and tax free shopping plus numerous discounted high end goods lends itself to this spot being a shopping Mecca. It is so popular, in fact, that tourists on nearby islands often take advantage of local ferries to sail to St. Maarten and shop. Check out Front Street for jewelry and Maho Plaza for name brand offerings.

If there are some shopping fanatics vacationing with you, they'll be interested to know that more than 83 retail stores are located in this area. To see our detailed guide to shopping in Sint Maarten, see this page.


St. Maarten Museum

Yet another great way to spend some of your time is to enjoy the area's sights and natural environment. Sights in the area include 5 historic sites and various other attractions of interest to travelers. To find out about other area sightseeing attractions, go to this article.

Details concerning a firm that will help you enjoy some local sightseeing can be seen here:

Sightseeing Services In Sint Maarten
Name Type Phone Location
Aquabus Excursions and Sightseeing Service (721) 544-5536 Cole Bay
Bernard's Tours Excursions and Sightseeing Service (800) 638-5153 Philipsburg
Fun and Roll Excursions and Sightseeing Service (721) 523-9672 Philipsburg, Southern part of Sint Maarten
Island Reps Excursions and Sightseeing Service (721) 545-2266 Simpson Bay
SXM Deals Travel and Tour Operators (800) 456-4074 0.7 mi. South of Central Philipsburg
Sandy Island Tours Excursions and Sightseeing Service (721) 542-5155 Philipsburg
Shoreline Helicopters Inc Tours Excursions and Sightseeing Service (866) 361-1100 0.8 mi. Southeast of Central Point Pirouette
St. Maarten Tours Excursions and Sightseeing Service (721) 527-7966 Philipsburg
Trisport Philipsburg Excursions and Sightseeing Service (721) 553-9139 Philipsburg, Southern part of Sint Maarten
Trisport Simpson Bay Kayaking Kayaking Service (721) 545-4384 Simpson Bay
Turtle Tours Excursions and Sightseeing Service (721) 526-4662 Simpson Bay


Fun and Roll

If you enjoy underwater beauty you'll be pleased to know you'll have plenty of chances to do so while vacationing in Sint Maarten. Those wanting to find out more about opportunities to go snorkeling by clicking here.


Sint Maarten Spas

Enjoying a spa might be one of the highlights of your entire vacation. If you enjoy going to spas, you will be happy to discover there are a few in the area. For a more comprehensive look at this specific topic, navigate to this page, about your options for visiting a spa in this area.


If you like to stay active, even on vacation, there are plenty of ways to do so in St. Maarten. You may simply hit the fitness center at your gym every morning, play a few rounds of tennis, or even get in a game of golf. There is one golf course on the island, and it happens to be on St. Maarten. Unfortunately, it is only open to the public on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so you'll have to plan in advance to ensure you get a tee time. If you'd rather be a spectator than a performer, there are plenty of options for watching sports. There are baseball, basketball, volleyball, track, and soccer teams in St. Maarten, and guests are always welcome to cheer the local teams on.


If you like playing tennis your best bet is to stay at a hotel that has a tennis court. There are a couple of different properties in the area that offer tennis.

The following list can help with your decision making process. At a glance, you can see the number of tennis courts on-site, whether lighting is offered, and some other helpful details. Click on each name to learn about other aspects of the property.

Accommodations with Tennis In Sint Maarten
Property Location Tennis Courts Lit Courts Tennis Pro
Simpson Bay Resort and Marina 2.8 mi. South of Central Marigot 4 check
Princess Port de Plaisance 2.0 mi. South of Central downtown Marigot 7 check

For example, Simpson Bay Resort and Marina is located directly on the beach, where you can go and relax between games.

Other Activities

Be sure to look through this table for information concerning other activities.

Other Activities In Sint Maarten
Name Type Phone Location
Aqua Mania Adventures Watersports Operator (721) 544-2640 0.6 mi. South-Southeast of Central Simpson Bay
Carib Swim Pool Swimming Pools -- 2.0 mi. South of Central Marigot
Caribbean Cinemas - St. Maarten Megaplex 7 Movie Theater (599) 544-4777 Central Sint Maarten
Carnival Village Concert Halls and Performing Arts Centers -- Philipsburg, Southern part of Sint Maarten
Great Bay Boardwalk Scenic Trail -- Philipsburg, Southern part of Sint Maarten
Great Bay Boardwalk West Scenic Trail -- Philipsburg, Southern part of Sint Maarten
Kidsworld Amusement Arcade (721) 544-2883 2.2 mi. South of Central Marigot
Lb Scott Sports Auditorium Sporting Event Venue -- Philipsburg, Central Sint Maarten
Littlebay Beach & Racquet Club Fitness Centers and Instructors (721) 542-0474 Little Bay
Lorraine's Fitness Center Fitness Centers and Instructors (721) 542-2122 Dutch Cul de Sac
Lucky Stables Horseback Riding Site (721) 544-5255 Newll, Central Sint Maarten
Mega Gym Fitness Centers and Instructors (721) 545-5616 Simpson Bay
Megaplex 7 Movie Theater (721) 544-4777 Central Sint Maarten
No.1 SXM Parasailing Parasailing Service (721) 587-6611 Philipsburg, Southern part of Sint Maarten
Port De Plaisance Fitness & Tennis Club Fitness Centers and Instructors (721) 544-3033 2.0 mi. South of Central Marigot
Slender You Fitness Centers and Instructors (721) 554-3601 Simpson Bay
Spartaco Fitness Centers and Instructors (721) 542-5025 Philipsburg
Sprotts Sports Services Fitness Centers and Instructors (721) 542-6281 Little Bay
St Maarten Rockland Estate Eco-Park Amusement/Theme Park (721) 543-1135 2.4 mi. Southeast of Central Marigot

Of course, that's not all. As you get out and explore, you're sure to come across many more things that you'll want to do in St. Maarten. Keep an idea of which activities you want to participate in, but be prepared also to go with the flow.


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