Attractions in Sint Maarten

Keep your days on St. Maarten busy with sightseeing

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There is never a dull moment in St. Maarten – unless you want there to be. With so many attractions to see and beaches to lounge on, you can pack your day full of sightseeing, and your nights with fun.


The beautiful, crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea are the reason why so many tourists visit St. Maarten each year. Dozens of beaches line the shore of this nation, and each has its own unique qualities. Whether you plan to relax in the sand or want to participate in watersports, there is a beach perfect for you and your needs. For an extra special treat, make sure to plan a diving excursion to see the wreckage of the HMS Proselyte, which sank just south of Great Bay in 1801.


The history of St. Maarten is especially intriguing due to the peaceful coexistence it shares with French St. Martin on one tiny tract of land. You can learn all about the nation's history by visiting any of the numerous landmarks, museums, and other places of historical importance. While French St. Martin is especially know for its historic museums, many of the museums on the Dutch side focus on the modern. Still, there are some historic sites to see, like the Old House, a historic sugar plantation that is open to the public Tuesday through Sunday. Some other historic landmarks include Fort Amsterdam and Concordia Hill.


The flat topography of St. Maarten lends itself to easy outdoor exploration, whether on foot or by bike. As you wonder you'll discover the gorgeous, flowering beauty of the island, and a collection of hiking trails that help guide your way. If you want structured exploring, guests are welcome to visit one of the nation’s nature parks, nature reserves, and marine reserves.


Many visitors spend their days on St. Maarten looking forward to the nights. The Dutch side of the island is home to all of its 13 casinos, where you can play the slots and place bets on table games well into the night. St. Maarten is also known for its club scene, so if you're looking to have fun, this is a great spot for a getaway.


Dawn Beach

There are a large selection of beaches to enjoy in the area. Whether you're looking forward to people watching, or you prefer a quieter stretch of sand, you can find what you want. Click on the beach names for detailed information about that individual beach.

If you are looking for a snorkeling spot, a location with that option is Dawn Beach. The beach features powdery white sand, where guests can lay out and admire the beautiful panoramic views of the Caribbean, where you can see silhouettes of cays and the Oyster Bay Resort in the distance. Incredible turquoise waters converge with the dry sand, inviting admirers to enter and swim.

Another top pick for visitors who enjoy snorkeling is Maho Bay Beach. Maho Bay is situated right at the foot of Juliana Airport's runway. With the sounds of the planes taking off and landing mixed with ambiance of the shore, this beach is full of dramatic touches.

Great Bay: It is impossible to walk down the Great Bay beach without noticing the lengthy boardwalk, which has recently become center for shopping and fun. The long strip of beach itself is well maintained, with soft white sand and shallow, clear water.

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Landmark Attractions

St. Maarten Museum

A landmark worth visiting is St. Maarten Museum. It is located in Philipsburg, Sint Maarten. One of the exhibits celebrates national heroes with a wall that features twenty-five heroes. The museum is also always open to hear suggestions of who you think should be on the wall.

A second choice is Yoda Guy Movie Exhibit. It's a museum Exhibits include proprietor Nick's personal collection of movie relics and collectibles, with a focus on Sci-Fi franchises like Star Wars, Highlander, and Superman.

Fort Amsterdam: Fort Amsterdam is an important birding site, hosting a 60 nest deep breeding colony of Brown Pelicans. As far as historical significance is concerned, in 1987 Dutch archaeologists excavated the land and uncovered the skeleton of a Spanish officer as well as artifacts from Spanish, Dutch, and English occupation.

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Natural Attractions

St. Maarten Zoo

Sint Maarten Marine Park is one of the local attractions that's a popular stop for vacationers. Proud of its aquatic heritage, Sint Maarten has established the entire coast as a protected area, placing restrictions in many of parts. While this does limit what activities you can participate in, it has encouraged marine life to thrive, making Sint Maarten Marine Park a great places for scuba diving and snorkeling.

Wathey Square is another place to consider visiting. Set in the heart of town, Wathery Square is a bustling port, shopping center, and more that serves as the unofficial town center.

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Sint Maarten Casinos

Looking for a bit of action? Guests interested in testing their luck in some gaming action will find plenty of venues where they can do so in this area.

Starz City & Casino offers dining on-site, which provides added convenience before or after you hit the gaming floor. More than a place to gamble, Starz Casino is a full on experience. Not only is there 2,500 square feet of gaming space -- 400 slot machines and tables for your favorite casino games -- but plasma television screens are always broadcasting the most current sporting events, and you can even bet on them.

If you enjoy playing the slots, consider heading to Casino Royale. The largest casino on the island of St. Maarten, Casino Royale boasts 14,000 square feet of electric gaming atmosphere. Not only are there over 450 slot machines with classic and modern video machines, but there are 20 live game tables including both French and American roulette.

Princess Casino has a wide array of games for patrons to play, including Blackjack, Craps, Poker - Caribbean Stud, Poker - Texas Holdem, and Roulette. As one of St. Maarten's largest gaming centers, Princess Casino is always busy, vibrant, and exciting. Most people walk in the door and immediately feel like winners.

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And it doesn't end there. The lack of border patrol means that when you finish touring St. Maarten, you can head over to French St. Martin without any trouble at all. With so much fun and culture to soak up on both islands, you'll definitely want to return time and again.

With so many varied choices of activities, you're sure to find a way to spend your vacation on St. Maarten doing exactly what you'd like. Spend a day in the sun, or stay out all night - the choice is yours.


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