Beaches in Sint Maarten

Despite all the other attractions on the island, Sint Maarten's beach are still a major draw

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If you're staying on the Dutch side of the island, you'll have plenty of beaches to choose from, ranging from mild and family-friendly to a little rougher for watersports enthusiasts. As an added bonus, all of these beaches feature picturesque scenery.

Beach Types

There are 36 beaches throughout St. Maarten and St. Martin, with a variety of each type. The eastern side of the island, known as the windward side, faces the Atlantic Ocean, making the waves bigger and the water rougher. The west coast, or the leeward side, however is met with Caribbean Sea, known for its calmness and warmth. St. Maarten is home to portions of both the leeward and windward coasts, which means guests staying on this half of the island can experience both types of beaches. Families with young children may want to stick to the leeward side, because kids find these waters easier to manage, while those who want to surf or participate in other watersports will find more adventure on the windward side.

Beaches Map

If you're looking for a secluded spot to spend a day, keep in mind that beaches with resorts right on site tend to be the most crowded.

Interesting Alternates

If you visit Oyster Pond, you'll be able to walk, or even swim, back and forth between Dutch St. Maarten and French St. Martin. On the Dutch side is Dawn Beach, and as the pond scoops north, you'll be on French Oyster Pond Beach. This is a fun way to experience both nations. Dawn Beach is known for its powder soft sands, while Oyster Pond Beach offers a lot of activities for beachgoers to participate in.

If the sheer number of beaches available on the island overwhelms you, take a look at the chart below. But clicking on each beach's name, you'll learn a bit more about it, further helping you determine which beach in St. Martin is best for you.

Clothing Choices

One thing you will need to consider that may not be an issue elsewhere is nudity. Due to its French roots, there are some beaches on the St. Martin side of the island that offer clothing optional facilities, including Orient Bay Beach, Long Bay, and Rouge Bay. This is far less common on the Dutch side, but there are a few nude beaches, including Cupecoy Bay.

Not all beaches are clothing-optional, however, in fact most beaches require that swim suits be worn at all times. Still, it nudity is not something you feel comfortable experiencing during your day on the beach, you may want to confirm that the beach you have chosen does not visitors to completely disrobe.

Beach Choices In The Area

You will find several beaches to consider in the area. Whether you prefer people watching, or you'd rather find a more secluded spot, you're likely to find what you want. Click on the beach names for a detailed guide to that part of the coast.

Dawn Beach

Great Bay: It is impossible to walk down the Great Bay beach without noticing the lengthy boardwalk, which has recently become center for shopping and fun. The long strip of beach itself is well maintained, with soft white sand and shallow, clear water.

A second place for beach-goers to consider is Mullet Bay. Located on the western coast of the island, Mullet Bay Beach features a large strip of white sand, filled with palm trees and seagrapes. One of the best beaches on St. Maarten for swimming because of the excellent conditions of the crystalline waters, Mullet Bay is popular with tourists and locals alike.

Indigo Bay Beach: Thanks to the beach's prime location, access is easy for drivers and tourists staying at the local resorts and hotels. Drivers can take Octavius L.

Check out this table for more information.

Beaches In Sint Maarten
Name Location Coast
Back Bay 1.3 mi. East-Southeast of Central Philipsburg South East
Burgeaux Bay 1.2 mi. West of Central Simpson Bay South
Cay Bay Central Sint Maarten North
Dawn Beach 2.7 mi. Northeast of Central Philipsburg North East
Geneve Bay 3.4 mi. South-Southwest of Central Caye Chateau South East
Gibbs Bay 2.1 mi. South-Southwest of Central Caye Chateau North East
Great Bay Philipsburg, Central Sint Maarten North
Guana Bay 2.6 mi. South-Southwest of Central Caye Chateau South
Indigo Bay Beach Little Bay, Central Sint Maarten North
Kim Sha Beach 2.6 mi. South of Central Marigot South-Southwest
Maho Bay Beach 1.4 mi. West of Central Simpson Bay South
Mullet Bay 1.7 mi. West of Central Simpson Bay South West
Red Pond Bay 1.8 mi. South of Central Caye Chateau North East
Simpson Bay Beach 2.3 mi. South West of Central Marigot South

Bear in mind, Sint Maarten has other attractions. Click this link to visit our guide to other interesting attractions for Sint Maarten.

You can spend your entire vacation exploring the different beaches of St. Maarten, and still have some to spare. Whichever ones you decide to spend time on, you'll encounter beautiful views, soft sands, and plenty of activity.


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