Fusion Cuisine in Sint Maarten

If you find yourself in the mood for Fusion cuisine, you might have a chance to satisfy your hunger. Even though you may find your options somewhat limited, you can still find a few locations in St. Martin offering meals in this style.

With everything from the fine dining backdrop at Bajatzu to the tempting dinner service at Temptation, there is a choice for every visitor and every mood.

Use the list below to get a taste for the few choices for Fusion eateries you could be curious about as you're out on the town. For each of the options, click to read more about its specialties, style, and what you can do nearby.


Lowlands | (721) 545-2254

Located 0.5 miles west-southwest of Point Pirouette, Temptation is on the premises of Starz City & Casino. It's 2.1 miles west-northwest of Simpson Bay. Fresh fish and Fusion panache make for a bold combo at this exceptional formal dining option.

Temptations offers a variety of Internationally themed dishes that have all been fused to include Asian flavors, ingredients, or traditions, creating a unique cuisine that includes such dishes as Asian Beef Filet Mignon and Ginger Roasted Duck.


Simpson Bay | (721) 553-4300


Situated 2.7 miles south of Marigot, Fusion is on the same premises as Paradise Mall, and is a good choice for guests thinking about visiting this part of Sint Maarten. While more generally known for Fusion food, this place will recommend their best: seafood and steak.

Fusion seeks out the finest and freshest ingredients available, regardless of how far they have to go to find them. This restaurant doesn't limit itself by serving only one style of food. French, Italian, Creole, Caribbean, Asian -- it's all there, and if it tastes good and looks good, Fusion might just put it on their menu for a night to give it a shot.


Philipsburg | (721) 542-9635

Situated in the heart of Philipsburg, Sheer is a popular choice for travelers who are going to be visiting this town and its environs. The style and service here is definitely a step above, so guests who want to pair this experience with Fusion prepared meals will consider the trip worth it.

Fine European cuisine blends with Asian delicacies and local island favorites to create a menu unlike anything you've ever seen before.


Maho Reef | (721) 545-2021

Bajatzu is located near Point Pirouette; it is a mile and a half (two and a half kilometers) to the west of Simpson Bay. While more generally known for Fusion-inspired cuisine, this local spot is particularly known for its seafood and steak.

Soft lighting, intimate tables, and a disctreet staff make Bajatzu a cozy and even romantic experience. Guests can dine in the air conditioned dining room, or outside in the gallery.

Some of the most memorable foods in St. Martin are those you stumble upon while walking the streets near your hotel. But, writing down a handful of nice-looking restaurants in your plans, means even your fall-back options are good ones. To read much more concerning the kinds of food awaiting you, check out this page.


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