Japanese Cuisine in Sint Maarten

While staying in St. Martin, you'll be overwhelmed by the diverse set of options when it comes to dining. When your preference is Japanese food, you won't want to miss the various establishments that always feature it on the menu. Go ahead and have a taste of the Japanese cuisine you'll find in St. Martin with this worthy set of establishments.

With lots to tempt your palate, from the informal backdrop at Moulin Fou to the fantastic dinner service at Sushi Itto Maarten, there's a menu for every visitor and even for a memorable date night.

Below, preview the fairly full set of options that satisfy cravings for Japanese cuisine. For each option that interests you, click the name to read the full article about its hours, location, and other offerings.

Bamboo Bernies

Maho Reef | (721) 542-3622

Bamboo Bernies, part of Sonesta Maho Beach Resort & Casino, is located close to Point Pirouette; it's a mile and a half (two and a half kilometers) to the west of Simpson Bay. Determined not to be a "stale" choice, not only does this place offer Japanese delights and particularly barbecue, but they're also good at sushi. There are two specialties at Bamboo Bernies, and those are the expertly prepared sushi and the tender steaks. Both have sections on the menu dedicated to them, with the hardest part being that you have to decide which you want.

Moulin Fou

Maho Reef | (721) 545-5777

Situated 0.7 miles south of Point Pirouette, Moulin Fou is a smart choice worth considering if you are going to spend time visiting this neighborhood or nearby. If you're curious, Simpson Bay is a mile and a half (two and a half kilometers) to the east. This enigmatic eatery can show multiple sides, so yes they're offering Japanese delights and particularly steak, but wouldn't you know they're also fawned-over for another favorite, sushi. Le Moulin Fou offers diners everything from Thai noodles and curry to French delicacies including roasted duck. The many options will likely have you asking questions, which is great. The chef loves to answer questions anyone has about his food, the cuisine, and cooking in general.

Ocean Blu

Oyster Pond | (721) 543-6700

Located along the southern outskirts of Oyster Pond, Ocean Blu is on the premises of The Westin Dawn Beach Resort and Spa. This local establishment isn't merely Japanese cuisine and sushi, but they're also masters of tapas.

Sushi Itto Maarten

Cole Bay | (721) 554-5252

Set in Cole Bay, near downtown Marigot, Sushi Itto Maarten is located at Princess Port de Plaisance. It is 0.8 miles east of Simpson Bay. Patrons that are in the mood for sushi will especially love stopping here during a visit to Cole Bay. Sushi-Itto serves a kind of Japanese fusion fare that is popular around the world. Order from the take out menu, or dine at one of the teppanyaki tables for a special treat.

Sushi Bar

(721) 545-2254

Set south-southwest of Point Pirouette, Sushi Bar is on Cupecoy. It is west of Simpson Bay. Got sushi on the brain? If this describes your cravings, you should think of this place as a must-do item on your list.

Japanese Restaurants
Name Location Type Phone Number
Bamboo Bernies 0.7 mi. South of Central Point Pirouette Japanese (721) 542-3622
Just Sushi 2.0 mi. South of Central downtown Marigot Japanese (721) 544-4311
Moulin Fou 0.7 mi. South of Central Point Pirouette French, Japanese, Thai (721) 545-5777
Ocean Blu 0.5 mi. South of Central Oyster Pond Japanese (721) 543-6700
Sushi Bar 0.5 mi. South-Southwest of Central Point Pirouette Japanese (721) 545-2254
Sushi Itto Maarten 2.0 mi. South of Central downtown Marigot Japanese (721) 554-5252

Similar Food

Also worth considering if you really love Japanese food, you're likely to enjoy similar offerings at restaurants like the following:

Restaurants with Similar Cuisine
Restaurant Name Phone Cuisine Location
Slim's Chinese Bar & Restaurant (721) 543-7798 Chinese 3.7 mi. Southeast of Central Marigot
China Town Restaurant (721) 548-3144 Chinese 1.6 mi. Southeast of Central Marigot
New China Night Bar & Restaurant (721) 542-4214 Chinese 3.7 mi. Southeast of Central Marigot
New York Bar Chinese Restaurant (721) 545-2477 Chinese 1.7 mi. Southeast of Central Point Pirouette
White Swan (721) 544-2844 Chinese 1.9 mi. East-Southeast of Central Point Pirouette
Thai Savanh (721) 553-1204 Pan Asian / Pacific Rim 0.5 mi. West-Southwest of Central Point Pirouette
China Palace (721) 542-3711 Chinese 3.7 mi. Southeast of Central Marigot
Temptation (721) 545-2254 Asian 0.5 mi. West-Southwest of Central Point Pirouette
Golden Dragon Restaurant (721) 542-5294 Chinese 3.7 mi. Southeast of Central Marigot

Sometimes, the most satisfying dining destinations in St. Martin are those you didn't expect to find yourself craving while walking around during the day. Although, it's still smart to plan ahead. To discover even more regarding the culinary options waiting for you, check out this page.


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