Hotels in Somerset Village

With only one road, Somerset Village is a relatively quiet destination that is great for tourists who want to vacation in a resort town on a smaller scale.  There are several hotels throughout town, ranging from cozy guesthouses to larger resorts, but all are known for their comfortable amenities and friendly service. 

Hotels In and Around Somerset Village

Cambridge Beaches Resort

There are multiple types of accommodations to pick from in and around the area, including a bed & breakfast and a small handful of resorts. Read further info for each place by clicking the links.

Tennis players usually enjoy booking their stay at The Reefs, because they have some excellent tennis facilities. Four styles of rooms, three styles of suites, and seven styles of cottages await the choice of the vacationer wishing to stay at The Reefs Hotel & Club. The room choices are scattered across the resort, with different views of the surroundings, different locations, and different amenities all based on the style and type of room selected. They're at 56 South Shore Road.

A place positioned on the water's edge that merits consideration is Pompano Beach Club. Pompano Beach Club offers visitors a variety of room choices. From one-bedroom apartments to Oceanfront Deluxe Rooms and one-bedroom suites, guests can enjoy an uncrowded and relaxing room with a view of the ocean. Visitors will find them at 36 Pompano Beach Road.

Granaway Guest House & Cottages: Granaway Guest House & Cottages sits on Granaway Deep, just a short ferry trip from the city of Hamilton, and a small number of rooms reside inside the large Bermuda manor house built in the mid 1700's. A single villa, offering extreme seclusion to guests, is also available and lies amid the property's stunning tropical foliage with panoramic island views. They're located on Harbour Road.

More details about the handful of hotel options can be seen here:

Hotels Around Somerset Village
Name Type Phone Number Star Rating Location
Cambridge Beaches Resort Resort (441) 234-0331


0.6 mi. North of Central Somerset Village
Fairmont Southampton Resort (441) 238-8000


4.1 mi. Southeast of Central Somerset Village
Granaway Guest House & Cottages Hotel (441) 236-3747


4.1 mi. East-Southeast of Central Somerset Village
Greene's Guest House B & B (441) 238-0834


3.0 mi. South of Central Somerset Village
Pompano Beach Club Resort (441) 234-0222


2.6 mi. South of Central Somerset Village
The Reefs Resort (441) 238-0222


3.9 mi. South-Southeast of Central Somerset Village

Bear in mind that Somerset Village is home to a wide range of other types of properties. To get more information on other kinds of accommodations for Somerset Village, read this article.


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