Taxis in Somerset Village

Hail a cab for quick trips and schedule tours to see all there is to see in Somerset Village

Connected to the large capital city of Hamilton, and nearby the very popular Royal Naval Dockyard, Somerset Village serves as a great home base for exploring the surrounding areas. Because rental cars are not permitted on the island, many tourists end up taking advantage of taxi services to get around.

Taxi Companies

When you arrive on Bermuda, you'll immediately notice taxis awaiting you at your port of entry. From the docks or the airport, you can take a taxi straight to your accommodations. As you make the 45 minute journey from St. George's, where the airport is located, to Somerset Village, you'll be able to take in the scenery and you'll begin to notice a few things about transportation on the island.

First, taxis are actually minivans that hold six passengers rather than a four to five passenger family vehicle. Second, there are lots of them and they are usually hanging around outside of resorts, restaurants, beaches, shopping areas, and tourist attractions. Because there are no rental cars on the island, taxis fill the gap in transportation.

Taxis are privately owned, and drivers are able to work whenever they decide they want to or need the income. For this reason, you'll commonly see less taxis on the street on weekends or late at night. You can always call around to have a cab pick you up if you don't see one when you need one. Be aware that drivers often operate on what is known as “Bermuda Time,” which means they can be unapologetically 15 minutes late.

When you're in a taxi, remember that all passengers seated in the front seat must wear a seat belt, while those in the back seat are not required to do so.

Rates, Fares, and Fees

Taxis on Bermuda are metered, which is similar to what you'll probably experience in a taxi back home, but a departure from most of the rest of the Caribbean. Rates per mile are set by the government, so haggling is not an option, but it is preferred because most tourists find the system easy to understand.

Because rates are known to change, a rate card will be posted in the vehicle, but as of June 2013, the cost for four passengers is $6.40 for the first mile and $2.25(USD) for each mile after that. For five or six passengers, it is $8(USD) for the first mile and $2.50(USD) for each additional mile. Prices go up by 25 percent on Sundays and holidays, as well as between the hours of midnight and 6:00 a.m. If you have to store anything in the trunk, it will be $0.25(USD) per bag.

Wondering what you'll pay to use a cab? Look at this array of data.

Typical Fares Around Somerset Village
Typical Cost (USD) Location A Location B
$ 27.10 Downtown Hamilton Somerset Village
$ 10.45 Somerset Village Port Royal Golf Course
$ 7.30 Somerset Village Fort Scaur
$ 5.50 Somerset Village Gilbert Nature Reserve
$ 11.35 Somerset Village Royal Naval Dockyard
$ 43.85 - $ 48.55 St. George Cruise Terminal Somerset Village
$ 41.00 - $ 46.75 Lf Wade International Airport Somerset Village
$ 11.00 - $ 12.25 Royal Naval Dockyard Cambridge Beaches Resort
$ 11.35 - $ 12.65 Royal Naval Dockyard Daniel's Head Beach Park
$ 10.50 - $ 11.85 Royal Naval Dockyard Somerset Long Bay

Remember that taxi drivers rely on tips as a huge source of income, so make sure to show your appreciation for the ride with a gratuity of around 10 to 15 percent of your total cost.

If you see a blue flag on the taxi, called a Blue Bonnet, this is an indication to passengers that the driver has been trained to give tours of the island. The cost of a tour by a taxi driver is $40(USD) for an hour for four passengers, or $55.50(USD) for six passengers. At no more than $10(USD) per person per hour, that is a pretty great deal for a tour.


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