Transportation Options for Somerset Village

Fly, sail, or cruise to Bermuda, then choose from a short list of ways to get around Somerset Village

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Tourists looking for a quiet getaway that is still located nearby all of the most popular attractions on Bermuda usually make their way to Somerset Village. This small unincorporated town boats several beautiful beaches, a boat club, a few shops and restaurants, and not much else, making it one of the island's true hideaways.

Getting There

Located on the complete opposite side of the island from Saint Georges Parish travelers will first have to touch down just under an hour away from Somerset Village. Even the nearest cruise port isn't located directly within city limits. Still, flying, sailing a private yacht, and cruising are all great ways to get to Bermuda en route to the village.

Getting Around

Local transport is limited in Somerset Village, thanks to a ban on allowing tourists to rent vehicles on the island. Instead, tourists will have to rely on locals to get them from place to place in taxis and buses on land, and by ferry on water.

Air Travel

Over one million people make their way through the LF Wade International Airport each year. The airport is located on the north lip of the island, in Saint Georges Parish, which is about as far away from Somerset Village as you can get. Still, the trip takes only about 45 minutes by car, so that shouldn't deter you from planning to fly into Bermuda. Learn more about flying to Bermuda by visiting our Air Travel Guide for St. George's Parish.


Somerset Village is one of the more quiet areas of Bermuda, and it is not hard to see why it is so popular among sailors. In addition to the peace, it is also a great launching pad from where to explore the many small cays that surround Bermuda. Additionally, it is also the closest main area to the historic Royal Naval Dockyard, a popular attraction for all visitors. Just keep in mind that international sailors will first need to clear customs on the other side of the island at Saint Georges Parish.


Although there are three cruise terminals along the coast of Bermuda, the one nearest Somerset Village is King's Wharf right near the Royal Naval Dockyard. This is the only cruise port on the island that can accommodate mega yachts, and while it is rare that such large ships stop on Bermuda, when they do, they arrive here. Regardless, thanks to this capability, many cruises will choose to dock at King's Wharf.


Though expensive, taxis serve as the main means of transportation for most tourists thanks to the no rental cars ban. Rates are metered, though the government sets the by-the-mile rate, so it is still a pretty straight forward process determining how much you'll pay your driver when you reach your destination. If you happen to be in a cab with a blue flag on the roof, that means your driver has been trained as a tour guide, and can be hired by the hour to take you around and tell you all about Somerset Village's most important attractions. Learn more when you click here.


The fact that Bermuda is an island lends itself to a transportation option that you won't find in many other vacation destinations, and that is the ferry. Ferry services are available from nearby at the Royal Naval Dockyard, and travel around the island making stops in notable areas such as Hamilton and Saint Georges Parish. A trip from the Dockyard to Hamilton is often even faster than ground transportation, and since the prices are similar, many tourists choose to make a trip on water. It truly is a unique experience, and a relaxing one at that, with comfortable seating and air conditioning being common amenities. Find out everything you need to know about ferries in Somerset Village when you .

Knowing all of your options makes it easier for you to plan for your vacation in Somerset Village. Although you will likely first have to make a stop in Saint Georges Parish, once you've arrived on Bermuda, you'll be able to make your way to Somerset Village and choose from numerous ground and water transportation options.


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