Boating and Sailing Near Sosua

The rough Atlantic waters are worth braving to get to Sosua

The north coast of the Dominican Republic is known for its excellent harbors and anchorages, and Sosua is no exception. It does; however, come at the cost of waters which are known for their aggressive behavior which makes for rough entry.

Sailors who like a bit of a challenge when the pay off is big should not overlook Sosua as their next planned destination.


As you approach Sosua, you'll need to fly your yellow "Q" flag to let officials know you've not yet been cleared. When you dock, you'll be greeted by Customs and Immigrations. After reviewing all of your paperwork and inspecting your vessel, you'll pay $10(USD) per passenger for a 30 day visa and $43(USD) to clear your boat. Be warned, you are also subject to inspection by the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Drug Enforcement, and the local coast guard, who are known as the Marina de Guerra.

Not everyone has the skill to sail in Sosua unassisted, but once you've gained the knowledge, it is a great destination to plan for.

Nearby Anchorages
Name Location Latitude Longitude
Anchorage Sousa Bay - Sosua 19.7610546478 -70.5176138891

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