Sosua Taxis

Negotiating with your taxi driver in Sosua can keep prices low

In Sosua, taxis are especially recommended to tourists who will be spending time in the barrio of Los Charamiccos because of its extensive nightlife heavily dominated by a lively bar scene. Yet, taxis are also a great choice for a quick drive to the north coast for a day spent at the beach or Sosua Abajo for a visit to the river. By avoiding renting a car, you'll be able to skip learning the rules of the road, and never have to worry about getting lost.

Taxi Companies

In Sosua, you'll find taxis parked outside of hotels and restaurants waiting to pick up passengers and take them to their next destination. These locations are two of the few that tourists aren't discouraged from hopping in a taxi and going on their way. If you're out and about exploring other parts of town, you should call and have a driver pick you up at your specified location. This is because the taxis here, which tend to be minivans, are very rarely marked in a manner that sets them apart from private vehicles. Because of this, it can be difficult to spot a cab on the street, and local hustlers have been known to take advantage of this by picking up tourists and overcharging or mugging them. When you call for a ride, the operator will describe the vehicle that is coming to pick you up and give you the driver's identification number as a measure of safety. Local companies take this seriously, and even go so far as to do background checks on their drivers so you can feel confident using their services.

Taxis in Sosua are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you'll never have to worry about getting a ride. Also, be sure to bring a child safety seat from home if you don't feel comfortable allowing your child to ride in your lap.

See the table below for a list of taxi services that serve Sosua.

Taxi Services
Name Phone Location
Jesus Garcia Taxi (809) 453-9699 Sosua
Rafael Guzman Taxi (809) 986-2387 Sosua
Rosario Taxi Rental (809) 399-0427 Sosua
Taxi-Sosua (809) 571-3097 Sosua

...never have to worry about getting a ride...



Taxis in Sosua are not metered, nor is there a universal rate system that you can reference. You can either ask the operator when you call for a cab how much the ride will cost, or get ready to negotiate with the driver. At minimum you'll pay $4(USD) for a ride. Make sure to keep small bills I local currency on hand because drivers don't often give change. A 15 percent tip is the norm, and make sure to add on an extra dollar or two if they handle your luggage.

Drivers here are known for being great tour guides, so if you meet a driver you like, you may ask if he or she is willing to return at another time and take you around town. In this case you will usually be charged an hourly rate. Additionally, if you're hoping to get a ride to another city, make sure to call and arrange this over the phone. Not every driver on the street is willing to make long trips.


Another option for travel in Sosua is the motoconcho, which many people jokingly call the national symbol of the Dominican Republic. The motoconcho is basically a motorcycle that operates as a taxi service. Each bike is privately owned, and will gladly take up to four riders on a quick trip to their next destination. Rates will vary by driver, but you can expect to spend about $1(USD) per person. As with hiring a taxi, make sure you have exact change on hand or you may end up giving a bigger tip than you intended.

No matter where you stay in Sosua, taxis are a great source of transportation, and make planning for a trip a little easier. You don't have to make any reservations, or worry about a bus that doesn't show up on time. Instead, just call for a cab when you need one and you'll be on your way.


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