Sosua Transportation

Transportation in Sosua will soon see a boom

Emerging as a top destination in the Dominican Republic, Sosua is known for its gorgeous white sand beach which is sheltered by a collection of coral cliffs. As more resorts are springing up in the small town, tourists are scattering to make it to this destination before it becomes the new, busy Puerto Plata. For now, the streets remained relatively uncrowded, but there are plenty of transportation options available, and these options will only continue to grow as the popularity of the town does.

Getting There

For most people, the fastest and most convenient mode of travel will always win out. For Sosua, this is to fly. Others agree that getting there is part of the adventure, and for them, a sail aboard a private yacht or a luxury cruise is the best choice.

Getting Around

You can use your feet to get you pretty much anywhere you want to go in Sosua , but just because you can doesn't mean you have to. Rental cars, taxis, and buses serve as people movers, as do the lesser known motoconchos and carro publicos.

Air Travel

Traveling to Sosua is easy thanks to the fact that the Gregorio Luperón International Airport is adjacent to Sosua in the town of Puerto Plata. Whereas it could take up to three hours to get to other destinations in the Dominican Republic from the nearest airport, in this case the drive is only about 10 minutes. This is just another perk to visiting this popular beach, and there are many more. Learn everything you need to know about flying to Sosua by clicking here.


As a coastal community, it would make sense for tourists with a knack for sailing to consider planning a yachting adventure to this town. However, it is located on the island's north coast, which is known for its less than savory waters. This is something to consider as you begin planning a getaway that starts on a yacht. If you're up for the challenge, make sure to arrive in port with your yellow quarantine flag flying and all of the appropriate paperwork at the ready so you won't waist any time dealing with customs officials.


Less than a half an hour away by car from Sosua is Puerto Plata, home to one of the Dominican Republic's six cruise ports. This means anyone who is considering spending a shore day on the beach in Sosua can do so with ease – and some cruise lines probably even have ship sponsored excursions to the area. Most major cruise lines including Carnival, Raddisson Seven Seas, and Cunard make regular trips to the Dominican Republic, so booking a Caribbean cruise with a stop in Puerto Plata shouldn't be difficult in the least.

Rental Cars

...have a passport and driver's license readily available...


It is commonplace for tourists to pick up a rental car from the airport when they arrive in Puerto Plata, then drive to their accommodations, but not everyone does this. You may also choose to pick up your rental when you arrive in town, or even have the agency deliver the vehicle to you at your hotel. Whichever choice suits you, you'll need to have a passport and driver's license readily available before the vehicle will be released to you. There is a lot to learn about the rental process as well as what driving is like in Sosua. We have all that information available to you here.


Taxis are plentiful and easy to make use of in Sosua, but there are a few facts you'll want to be aware of. For example, the cost of a ride is hard to determine because there are no meters and the government has not set rates. This means each operator has the authority to create their own price list. Most drivers are willing to negotiate with you, so if you don't think you've been given a fair rate, feel free to make a counter offer. Find out more about the service by clicking here.


If you're up for a little adventure, seek out a motoconcho – though really, the drivers will likely come to you. Motoconchos are motorcycles that operate as taxis run by private owners looking to make a little extra cash. They are best used by couples or solo travelers, and cost around $0.50(USD) per person.


In Sosua, there are several vans that travel about town operating as city buses. They are not very well maintained, but they do the trick, getting locals and tourists around town, picking up and dropping passengers off at the top destinations. The cost is under $1(USD) per person, but the buses are not so dependable that you should plan to use them if you've got an appointment to make.

Everything you need to know about getting around Sosua can be found above. With this information at your disposal, you should have a much easier time as you begin to make your arrangements for a getaway in this still quiet destination.


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