Map of Accommodations in Soufrière

1 | Still Beach House

The Still Beach Resort is a quaint family operated beach side resort and boasts a beautiful and comfortable atmosphere to create the perfect holiday

This guest house is a quarter mile (a half kilometer) from the center of downtown Soufriere, and is on the beach.

2 | Hummingbird Resort

Modesty and tranquility characterize a stay at the Hummingbird Beach Resort on St. Lucia, where the trade winds constantly blow a cool breeze through the tropical air. The Pitons, the island's majestic mountains, provide the backdrop for this hotel on St. Lucia's western coast, while pristine white sand beaches are only a step away from guests' accommodations.

This resort is situated less than a hundred yards (about a hundred meters) from Still Beach House, and is on the shoreline.

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1 | Downtown Hotel

The Downtown Hotel is nestled into the heart of Soufriere, a small town offering an eclectic synergy of cultural heritage and pristine environmental collages. The boutique hotel offers exclusivity and the luxury of its French colonial style and architecture, while providing the most personalized of services as the staff gets to know its guests.

This hotel is on Frederick Street, and is less than a hundred yards (less than a hundred meters) from the center of downtown Soufriere.

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2 | Chez Camille

Situated in downtown Soufriere, this guest house is located a short distance from The Downtown Hotel.

1 | Stonefield Estate Villa

Home to several vacation villas, each with stunning vistas this property is known for offerings it guests the perfect romantic getaway thanks to the staff's personalized attention combined with the seclusion of the property.

Visitors can find this resort 0.7 miles (1.1 km) from the center of downtown Soufriere.

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This map contains the location of 5 accommodations in Soufrière.

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Points of Interest Near Soufrière
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Chez Camille Downtown Soufriere
Hummingbird Beach Resort 0.3 mi. Northwest of Downtown Soufriere
Still Beach House 0.4 mi. Northwest of Downtown Soufriere
Stonefield Estate Villa Resort 0.7 mi. South of Downtown Soufriere
The Downtown Hotel Downtown Soufriere


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