Map of Attractions in Soufrière

1 | Sunshine Nails & Spa

Situated toward the middle of downtown Soufriere, this spa is located a short distance away from Soufrière.

1 | Diamond Falls

One of the top natural features in the Caribbean, Diamond Falls is famous for its mineral rich water and beautiful grotto.

Situated in the southwestern part of the neighborhood of Cresslands, this waterfall is located a mile (a kilometer and a half) east-southeast of the center of downtown Soufriere.

Further info is available here.

1 | St. Lucia Zip Lining

A popular attractions on St. Lucia is the Morne Coubaril Estate, where visitors are invited to see what life was like on a working plantation, for both the workers and their owners. But there is more to this estate than just a tour.

Make your way south for about three quarters of a mile (about a kilometer) from the center of Soufrière to get to this zip line site, which is located within Morne Coubaril Estate.

2 | Morne Coubaril Estate

Morne Coubaril Estate is a 250-acre 18th century plantation estate that has been restored and is now used as a museum that shows visitors what life on the plantation was like. Not only is the estate house available for touring, but the grounds are as well, which include shacks in the worker's village that served as the plantation workers homes, and a working mill.

This zip line site is situated from St. Lucia Zip Lining.

This map shows the location of 4 attractions in Soufrière.

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Points of Interest Near Soufrière
Click to Show Name (Click to Read Article) Area/Vicinity (Click to Show on Map)
Diamond Falls 1.0 mi. East-Southeast of Downtown Soufriere
Morne Coubaril Estate 0.6 mi. South of Downtown Soufriere
St. Lucia Zip Lining 0.6 mi. South of Downtown Soufriere
Sunshine Nails & Spa Downtown Soufriere


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