Transportation Options for Soufrière

Make the most of your visit in Soufriere by choosing the most appropriate form of transportation

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Nature lovers won't want to miss a stop in Soufrière, which is the island's UNESCO World Heritage Site. There is plenty to see here both on land and in the sea. Before you can take in the natural wonders, there is a lot of planning to undertake, from where you'll stay to how you'll get around. Below you'll find everything you need to know about transportation to and around Soufrière, making that portion of your planning just a little bit easier.

Getting There

As an official port of entry, yachters flock to Soufrière, making sure to take care to protect the underwater landscape. All other forms of travel to this town will have you stop in either Castries or Vieux Fort first, whether you fly, cruise, or take the ferry.

Getting Around

In order to see all of Soufrière's most important attractions, renting a car is the recommended course of action. If you take the time to learn about taxis and buses beforehand; however, you may just be able to make them work in your favor and not have to miss out on seeing a single site.

Air Travel

Just 35 or so minutes away from Soufrière by car is the Hewanorra International Airport (UVF) in Vieux Fort. There are two airports on St. Lucia; however, this is the busiest airport where almost all international air travel lands. The other airport, George F.L. Charles Airport (SLU) in Castries, sees flights mainly from within the Caribbean. Find out more about each airport here.


...a great yachting destination...


Home to Soufriere Harbour, this destination is one of the most recommended amongst yachters around the island. The vistas alone are worth the trip, but the fact that the smooth Caribbean waters are easy even for novice sailors to manage helps the area's cause a bit as well. Get details about what it takes to sail to Soufriere here.


It takes about an hour to get to Soufrière from Castries where the island's two cruise ports are located. Port Seraphine and Port Castries both offer births for some of the world's leading cruise lines like Carnival and Disney. Some lines offer shore excursions to Soufrière hosted by staff, but if not, you're free to take a taxi, bus, or even rent a car and head that way. If this sounds like a plan to you, be on the lookout for cruises headed to the Southern Caribbean.

Rental Cars

If renting a car is the plan for you, you shouldn't have any trouble making it happen. Rentals are available at the airport and in town, so you'll have plenty of options available to you, whether you want to rent with a local company or an international chain. The requirements are that you be over the age of 25 and have a local driver's permit in your possession. You can get one from the rental agency, immigration office, or any police station for $20(USD). Find out more here.


Tourists who don't feel comfortable driving themselves around will typically choose rental cars as their main mode of transportation in Soufrière. While the rides can be expensive, most agree that the peace of mind they get from not having to navigate the sometimes unmanageable roads is worth the expense. Additionally, taxis here are clean and the drivers are amiable. Rates are set in advance, so no negotiations or meters are necessary. Learn more about taxis in Soufrière here.


If you're up for an adventure, leave your local transportation up to Soufrière's local bus service. In actuality, these buses are minivans that can hold up for 14 passengers at once and cost less than $1(USD) per person per trip. Despite the fact that there are marked bus stops throughout town, there is no set schedule. Buses simply run on a loop from morning until around 10:00 p.m. every day of the week except for Sunday. You'll be able to pick a bus out of the crowd by looking for a green license plate with the letter "M" at the beginning of the tag.


If you have plans to visit Martiniqueas well as St. Lucia, you can utilize the inter-island ferry service to travel between the two countries. L'Express des Iles offers water transport aboard a luxury catamaran three times a week for 67 Euros one way and 100 Euros round trip. The trip takes three hours, and visitors will find it a comfortable transition, as the ferry is outfitted with air conditioning and televisions and guests are treated to snacks and beverages. Channel Shuttle also makes this trip up to two times a day and costs passengers $77(USD) per person.

To find out more concerning taking a ferry to St. Lucia, view our Castries Ferry Page, where you will find plenty of information.

Your stay in Soufrière should be an easy, laid back experience. This is why planning in advance is so important – you don't want to have to make any spur of the moment decisions which could end up backfiring. Learn all that you can about transportation before you go to avoid running into such a situation.


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