South Caicos Transportation

Transportation to and around South Caicos is harder to come by than some of the more populous islands in Turks and Caicos

Also known as the Big South, South Caicos is a small island at just 8.5 square miles. Tourists who visit this island are in it for the fishing, the snorkeling, and over-all, the quiet pace of life. It may take a bit of work to plan your trip to this island, but if you're looking to get away from it all, you'll savor every moment of planning your getaway.

Getting There

Direct access to South Caicos is only available to those who sail themselves to the island. Otherwise, it will take an initial stop on either Providenciales or Grand Turk before you can make the final journey to this quite island.

Getting Around

The lack of development on the island of South Caicos leaves very little transportation options for tourists who visit. Taxis are rarely available except to pick up visitors who have landed at the airport and rental cars are extremely hard to come by. Still, most tourists who visit the island will agree that this shouldn't be a deterrent. The popular pursuits here are fishing, boating, scuba diving and snorkeling, so you'll have little need for land transportation anyway.

Air Travel

At present date, the only island in the Turks and Caicos chain that welcomes international air traffic is the Providenciales International Airport (PLS) on Providenciales. Because this island is such a popular tourist destination, most of the major commercial airlines you're probably aware of make weekly, if not daily, international trips to the island.

From Providenciales, you can take a smaller domestic flight to the South Caicos Airport (XSC) via Intercaribbean Airways which has limited daily flights to the island. Caicos Express Airways also services South Caicos on occasion, so be sure to check with them before booking your flight. If you plan to spend some of your vacation on Grand Turk, you will be able to make a connecting flight to South Caicos on a daily basis as well. Neither flight will cost you more than $200(USD) per person.


As an official port of entry, South Caicos is one island in the chain that is great for pleasure sailors because you can skip having to first stop on Providenciales to meet with customs and purchase your cruising permit For more details about sailing to the island click here


Hundreds of thousands of tourists visit Turks and Caicos each year as a part of a Caribbean cruise. The nation's cruise terminal is located on the south coast of Grand Turk, and while most visitors will stick to this island or make a day trip to Providenciales, it is also possible to get a quick flight from Grand Turk over to South Caicos.


Twice a week, tourists have the opportunity to sail to South Caicos from Providenciales aboard a fast ferry known as Caribbean Cruisin'. Although typically reserved for transportation between Providenciales and North Caicos (which also connects to Middle Caicos), the ferry makes the 90 minute journey to South Caicos on Friday and Sunday. The cost of the trip is between $45 and $110(USD).

After reviewing all of your transportation options you are now prepared to make some final decisions about how you'll get to South Caicos, and then how you'll get around once you get there. Booking your transportation around the island can take some doing, so it is best to begin making phone calls and making reservations as soon as possible.


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