Spanish Town Accomodation Options

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As the second largest town in the British Virgin Islands, you might expect to find a location overrun with restaurants, shops, and hotels. This simply is not the case. Although there are a few of each, overall you'll find this destination embraces a slower pace of life and the available accommodations fall in line with that thinking.


Rosewood Little Dix Bay

You'll be able to find multiple types of accommodations to choose between in and around the area, including a few hotels and a small handful of resorts. For guests envisioning themselves taking in some sunshine next to the pool, there are some local properties to choose from that have excellent swimming facilities. Click on the links to read more details.

A great spot which has on-site recreation is Rosewood Little Dix Bay. Rosewood Little Dix Bay is an upscale boutique resort that was ranked in 2013 by Conde Nast Traveler as one of the Top Hotels in the Caribbean. This unparalleled resort has it all - fine dining, a luxury day spa, and beautifully furnished beachfront rooms, suites and villas - all neatly tucked away in its own little corner of the Caribbean. If you have questions and want to call in advance, do so at (284) 495-5555.

If you are trying to book a place to stay with top-notch swimming facilities, one destination to consider is Virgin Gorda Village Hotel. Virgin Gorda Village Hotel has over 15 privately owned condos ranging between 826 and 2397 square feet and between one and three bedrooms. All condos have fully equipped kitchens, air conditioning, full living and dining rooms, large patios with table and chairs, ceiling fans, Wi-Fi, cable television, DVD player, and often a sleeper sofa as well. If you'd like to call in advance, you can do so at (284) 495-5544.

If you're seeking to find a property with an active bar scene, Fischer's Cove Beach Hotel is one spot you may want to think about. Fischer's Cove Beach Hotel is an intimate hotel with two options for guests to stay in- seaside cottages and traditional hotel rooms. The hotel features an award winning restaurant, children's playground, and a gorgeous white-sand beach with a bounty of bohios providing ample shade and relaxation. If you have questions and want to call ahead, you can do so at (284) 495-5252.

These examples are just a sample of what's available. Make your way to this page dedicated to more available hotels if you're looking for additional facts.

Condos and Villa Complexes

Aquamare Estate

Although you won't see any in the area, there are also non-standard hotel lodging possibilities near Spanish Town. These include a condominium building and some villa complexes.

If you and your family would rather book a stay at a exclusive property, Mango Bay Resort is probably a good place to start looking. Lose yourself in the beauty of the island's natural surroundings with a stay at this exclusive luxury property. A collection of six luxury and resort villa properties are set right on the calm waters of Mahoe Bay, and in addition to reveling in the serene tropical scenery, guests will be well taken care of by a staff that is easygoing and focused on personalized service for each individual. Customers can reach them at (284) 495-5672.

For night owls seeking to book an accommodation with an active bar scene, Nail Bay Resort Community is one spot you might want to think about. A phenomenal offering of accommodation and amenity choices await the guest at Nail Bay. From single bedroom efficiency apartments to five bedroom villas, and every possible combination of bedrooms and unit type (apartments, villas, suites) on every elevation (ground level to upper deck), any guest will easily find accommodations that fit their lifestyle, needs, and budget. If you want to call before making reservations, do so at (284) 494-8000.

Spanish Town includes other choices. Click on this link to view our article concerning these types of accommodations within reach of this area.

You will be able to see a full accommodation listing for Virgin Gorda by clicking here.

Camping and Eco-Tourism Near Spanish Town

Visitors who love the outdoors will want to consider the one eco-tourism property just outside of Spanish Town. The single property is Cooper Island Beach Club.

Guests hoping to book their stay near Spanish Town will be interested in choices like Cooper Island Beach Club. Beachfront guest cottages feature stylish interiors in driftwood tones and recycled teak. Indulge in the spacious coral-stone showers and luxurious four-poster beds. If you have questions and want to call ahead, you can do so at (284) 495-9084.

Eco-Accommodations Near Spanish Town
Name Type Phone Number Star Rating Location Island
Cooper Island Beach Club Eco resort (284) 495-9084


6.8 mi. South West of Central Spanish Town Cooper Island

Individual Villas

Some always favor the privacy offered by one of the many privately rented villas. For more information on rental properties in and around Spanish Town, use this link.

All-Inclusive Accommodations

Although only nearby properties have all-in-one prices, some travelers still prefer the added certainty of paying for everything on a single bill. There are multiple explanations why this pricing method is popular. As an example, they make it easy to predict what your vacation will cost.

If you would rather stay at a exclusive accommodation, Aquamare Estate is probably a good spot to start looking. A team of professional designers worked together to create a set up that enhances a vacation centered on rest, relaxation, and luxury. The villas are elegant and sophisticated without feeling stiff, and each is surrounded by gorgeous gardens and features unmatched views of the Sir Frances Drake Channel. Guests will be able to find them on Plum Bay Road .

A destination along the water's edge that travelers often enjoy is Bitter End Yacht Club. The quaint cottages of the Bitter End Yacht Club are distributed amongst the property's gardens and waterfront areas. Each unit features a spacious deck with gorgeous views of the ocean. Visitors can contact them at (284) 494-2746.

You can learn more about all-inclusive properties by visiting this page.


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