Spanish Town Hotels

The availability of hotels directly in Spanish Town is minimal, but it is possible to find a room to stay in here. Plus, if you're willing to look between five and six miles outside of town, your options grow even greater.

Hotels In and Around Spanish Town

Rosewood Little Dix Bay

There are multiple accommodation types to choose from in and around the area, including a few hotels and a small handful of resorts. If you plan on soaking up some sunshine next to the pool, there are some properties to pick from with top-notch swimming facilities. Click on the links to read additional info.

For night owls wanting a good late-night scene, Fischer's Cove Beach Hotel is one destination you might want to think about. Fischer's Cove Beach Hotel is an intimate hotel with two options for guests to stay in- seaside cottages and traditional hotel rooms. The hotel features an award winning restaurant, children's playground, and a gorgeous white-sand beach with a bounty of bohios providing ample shade and relaxation. If you are looking for something specific and want to call before making reservations, do so at (284) 495-5252.

The Wheelhouse is a property of this type, which is in Spanish Town. Throw any thoughts of a pretentious, "snooty" destination out of your head when you book a trip at the Wheelhouse/Ocean View Hotel near the Virgin Gorda Marina. While it certainly is not lacking in any luxuries or modern conveniences, this property believes that simple accommodations coupled with great service is a model for success. They are situated on Lee Road.

Vacationers who appreciate convenient on-site dining possibilities may want to check out Bitter End Yacht Club. Claiming to be the Caribbean's premiere luxury water sports resort, the Bitter End Yacht Club is the ideal destination for traveling families, romancing couples and anyone looking for a paradise escape. The resort is situated on Virgin Gorda and boasts a mile of shore-front property. To reach them, call (284) 494-2746.

The table right below provides you with more details concerning hotel possibilities.

Hotels Around Spanish Town
Name Type Phone Number Star Rating Location Island
Bitter End Yacht Club Resort (284) 494-2746


Oil Nut Bay, 6.1 mi. Northeast of Central Spanish Town Virgin Gorda
Fischer's Cove Beach Hotel Hotel (284) 495-5252


0.5 mi. South West of Central Spanish Town Virgin Gorda
Leverick Bay Resort & Marina Resort (284) 495-7421


Leverick Bay, 4.6 mi. Northeast of Central Spanish Town Virgin Gorda
Pusser's Marina Cay Resort Hotel (284) 494-2174


Marina Cay, 6.1 mi. West of Central Spanish Town Marina Cay
Rosewood Little Dix Bay Resort (284) 495-5555


0.8 mi. North of Central Spanish Town Virgin Gorda
Saba Rock Resort Hotel (284) 495-7711


6.2 mi. Northeast of Central Spanish Town Virgin Gorda
Scrub Island Resort and Spa Resort (877) 890-7444


6.1 mi. West of Central Spanish Town Scrub Island
The Wheelhouse Hotel (284) 495-5230


0.2 mi. Northeast of Central Spanish Town Virgin Gorda
Virgin Gorda Village Hotel Hotel (284) 495-5544


0.5 mi. North-Northeast of Central Spanish Town Virgin Gorda

Bear in mind that Spanish Town includes many other types of properties. Those needing to get more information about other kinds of accommodations available for Spanish Town on this page.


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