Little Fort National Park

Justin behind an old post office in Fort Point are the ruins of a small fort that is not easily accessed by those who don't know the area. Established as a national park in 1978, it was done in order to protect local wildlife.

Little Fort now consists of a small mortar and stone magazine room which is overgrown with vegetation.

Little Fort National Park is not currently opened to he public. When the park is reopened, tourists will encounter 36 acres of native plants and a turtle nesting ground, as well as a historic munitions building.


Located toward the western outskirts of Spanish Town, Little Fort National Park invites local customers and visitors who are lodging in this town or nearby. Whether or not you are staying particularly close, you should consider stopping by for some fun in the sun.

Nearby Restaurants

Park visitors that work up an appetite don't need to worry -- you can find an impressive array of lunch and dinner options within traveling distance. Chez Bamboo, which serves Asian fare, will be of particular interest to visitors looking for a convenient meal. Also within reach, you'll encounter eateries like The Reef Restaurant and Coconut Junction where you and your companions should be sure to try a bit of Caribbean fare and enjoy the Virgin Islands scene.

Nearby Attractions

Other nearby attractions include Old Methodist Church, which is within traveling distance in Spanish Town. Also, you might consider heading to Spring Bay National Park, which is another nearby attraction.

Parks are nice for a few hours here and there, but there's more to visit in the Virgin Islands. The following list contains attractions that are nearby.

Attractions Near Little Fort National Park
Attraction Type Distance Direction Location Island
Old Methodist Church Historic Site -- -- Spanish Town Virgin Gorda
Spring Bay National Park -- -- -- 1.3 mi. South-Southwest of Spanish Town Virgin Gorda
Copper Mine National Park Other Attraction -- -- 1.1 mi. South-Southeast of Spanish Town Virgin Gorda
Copper Mine Ruins Historic Site -- -- 1.1 mi. South-Southeast of Spanish Town Virgin Gorda
Fallen Jerusalem National Park -- -- -- Fallen Jerusalem Fallen Jerusalem
West Dog National Park -- -- -- West Dog Island West Dog Island
Virgin Gorda Peak National Park -- -- -- 3.1 mi. Northeast of Spanish Town Virgin Gorda
Prickly Pear National Park -- -- -- Prickly Pear Island Prickly Pear Island

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Location: Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda


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