Attractions in Speightstown

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At once time the busiest port town on the island of Barbados, today Speightstown is best loved for its Colonial charm and cultural significance.  All within town limits you'll have access to sites of cultural significance, beaches, an important wild life reserve, and even several casinos. 


Speightstown's Mullins Beach

There are a small variety of beaches to choose from in the area. Snorkeling is available at some of these beaches, if some of the people in your group are so inclined. Click on the beach names for a detailed guide to that particular location.

If you want to go snorkeling, a beach where that is an option is Mullins Beach. Mullins Beach is an easily accessible beach with a large parking area across the street. Signage on Highway 1B directs drivers and pedestrians to the main beach area.

Another top pick for snorkeling fans is Heywoods Beach. Tropical trees surround Heywoods Beach, while the shallow reef makes for excellent snorkeling. The southern end of the beach is thins out, though it still features small pools to wade in.

Gibbs Beach: Gibbs Beach is tucked away on the west coast of the island and is largely free of tourists. Situated among some of the most attractive homes on the island and surrounded by beautiful tropical foliage, the beach's smooth sand is perfect for private strolls.

Needless to say, the area has other choices for beaches in the area. To reach our detailed guide to beaches, navigate to this page.

Landmark Attractions

St. Peter's Church

An interesting landmark worth visiting is Arlington House Interactive Museum. It is found within Speightstown. Enjoy this preserved seventeenth century building which was once the home of a prosperous merchant. Local history of the town and the plantations that surrounded it can be discovered here.

Another interesting landmark worth visiting is St. Peter's Church. It can be found at St. Peter Parish Church and located in Speightstown. Originally built in 1629, St. Peter's Church was one of the original six parishes built on the island. Over the years, many renovations occurred, the latest being in 1837, and now visitors enjoy driving by to view the beautiful historic architecture.

Grenade Hall Forest Signal Station: Long before cell phones and the Internet, the people of Barbados used signal towers to warn groups of people across the island of any dangers that lurked in the area. Grenada Hall is one such signal station, which now stands as a landmark where visitors can learn about the island's military history.

Of course, the area has a more extensive set of sites to visit. If you want to get more information about landmarks in and near the area here.

Natural Attractions

Barbados Wildlife Reserve

Tourists who like spending time outdoors will often have a pleasant time visiting Barbados Wildlife Reserve. Come see the natural Barbados, the one void of hotels, restaurants, and malls. Here at the Barbados Wildlife Reserve, you will be able to catch glimpses at the native animals of the island, including monkeys, as they go about their day. These animals, save for the dangerous ones, are not caged in and are free to do what they want. This experience is perfect for both nature lovers and anyone with children.

Another site you might like is Farley Hill. Farley Hill, because of its cooling tree cover, well maintained property, and eye-catching scenery, is well loved in Barbados for special events and even just a picnic with family and friends. Guests staying on the island will find this a nice place to relax and explore some historic ruins.

These examples are only a few of the options. To reach our complete guide to natural attractions nearby, click this link.


Feeling lucky? Visitors wanting to test their luck will have quite a few places to go nearby.

Lucky Horseshoe Saloon Bagatelle has a restaurant, so you can grab a bite to eat before or after you hit the gaming floor. While you wait for you food, find out just how lucky you are. Lucky Horseshoe Saloon is not only a Western American style restaurant serving International fare, it is also a place to pull the slots.

Lucky Horseshoe Saloon Warrens is found within Eden Lodge, 7.7 mi. South-Southeast of central Speightstown. In Barbados, you could very well strike it rich while you eat. At the Lucky Horseshoe Saloons, a bank of slot machines offer a diversion between the time that you order and get your food, so it is plausible that you could wonder over, drop in a coin, and go home a winner.

These examples are only some of what's available. Navigate here to see our extended discussion of gaming close to Speightstown.


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