Speightstown Rental Cars

Away from the airport at the capital city, visitors to Speightstown will benefit from Barbados' reliable rental cars for easy transportation

As the second largest city on the island, you may find that renting a car is a great way to get around and explore all of Speightstown's important attractions – especially when you learn that the cheapest rental car prices in the island can be found in town.

Renting a Car

The process for renting a car in Speightstown is not unlike what you'll experience in your home town. There are numerous companies to choose from, all of which are local, so the agency you choose may come down to a place you've had good experiences with before, the cost, or a particular vehicle you're interested in renting.

Unfortunately, it can be a little rough finding rental car companies in Speightstown. It might be best to simply take advantage of the rentals at Grantley Adams International Airport, or at the capital, Bridgetown. Click here to review the rental car options you will be able to find in the capital.

The Cost of Renting a Car

Most companies have a wide variety of vehicles, including family sedans, convertibles, sports utility vehicles, vans, and even a Moke. Mokes are the most popular rental in Barbados because they stand out. Mokes are a mix of a dune buggy, convertible, and go cart all mixed together, making it a fun way to get around.

The biggest complaint about renting a car in Barbados is the cost. Rentals are typically $100(USD) or more a day.

...Most local roads are well-maintained...


In order to rent a vehicle in Bridgetown, you will be required to have a local driver's permit. You can get them directly from your rental agency for just $5(USD), but they are also available to any local police station. They are valid for one year, so if you return for a vacation within the next 365 days you won't have to go through the process twice. Make sure to bring your license from home in order to prove you are a suitable driver. Driver's hoping to rent a car must also be between the ages of 21 and 65, and have three years of driving experience. If you are under 25, some agencies will tack an extra fee on to your rental, and if you are over 65, you must bring documentation from your doctor stating that you are capable of driving.

Most local roads are well-maintained, but if you're driving in rural areas you may run into streets without sidewalks, street lights, or road signs, and you'll probably encounter a pot hole or two. Keep an eye out for pedestrians, who are known to walk in the street and remember that driving is done on the left side of the road.

As you're driving around, you'll notice that speed limits are posted in kilometers rather than miles per hour so you will need to become adjusted to reading kilometers on the odometer. Typical speed limits are 40 kilometers per hour in cities, 60 kilometers per hours in rural areas, and 80 kilometers per hour on major highways. Everyone in ever vehicle is required to wear a seat belt, and those under age five must be constrained in the appropriate child safety seat.

Gas Stations

Finding gas as you drive around the island should never be a problem, as each parish has at least one gas station supplied by Rubis, Esso, and Shell. These gas stations also serve as convenience stores, so you can fuel up and pick up a few snacks as well.

While you should have no issues coming across gas stations, you should still check out the listing right below for an idea where some of them can be found.

Gas Stations
Name Phone Location
Benthems Gas Station -- 2.6 mi. (4.2 km) North-Northeast of Speightstown
Shell Appleby (246) 432-8292 Appleby - 2.1 mi. (3.4 km) South of Holetown
Shell Black Rock -- 1.3 mi. (2.2 km) North of Bridgetown
Shell Speightstown -- Highway 1C - Speightstown
Texaco Mullins -- Highway 1B - Mullins

If you do decide to rent a car for your stay in Speightstown, keep the tips prevented for you here in mind. These include the fact that rental prices are cheaper in the heart of the town, you'll need to purchase a local driver's permit, and that traffic moves to the left. Knowing all of these things builds a bigger picture helping you to make the most of your driving experience on the island.


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