Taxis in Speightstown

Sit back and enjoy the scenery when you hire a local taxi driver to take you around

If driving in a foreign country just isn't your thing, choose instead to utilize local taxi services as your main mode of transportation. The largest complaint about them is the price, but the friendly service, convenience, and knowledgeable drivers are said to make up for the expense.

Taxi Companies

What you might not expect when you are on the lookout for a taxis in Speightstown is how similar they look to private vehicles on the road. The trick to telling them apart is to look for the “Z” in the license plate. Some taxis will even have a sign reading “TAXI” on the roof, but you can't rely on that as your indicator. If you see one while you're out and about, such as at the beach, a shopping center, or walking out of your hotel, raise your hand to wave them over, just as you would if you were in your home town. If no taxis appear to be around, you can call and have one sent to you.

If you would rather call for a taxi to come get you at a reserved location and time, you may want to call any of these local taxi agencies.

Taxi Services
Name Phone Location
Big Apple Taxi Service (246) 239-0637 2.5 mi. (4.1 km) North-Northeast of Holetown
Lawrence Taxi Services (246) 417-9066 84 Mint Close - 2.5 mi. (4.0 km) West of Bathsheba
Sanjay Kini's Taxi (246) 262-1296 3.6 mi. (5.7 km) South West of Bathsheba

If you'd like someone with firsthand knowledge of Speightstown to show you around, a local taxi driver is a great option. Many drivers have lived on the island their whole lives, and most are trained and highly skilled in giving tours. If you seem to get along well with your driver, don't hesitate to ask if he or she will come back at a later time and show you around – for a fee, of course.

Rates, Fares, and Fees

...rates do change on a regular basis...


There are no metered taxis in Speightstown. A collection of set rates exists instead, which takes into account the distance between two locations and offers one price that tourists can rely on. This is great because it allows people to be prepared with the appropriate amount of money. Even though you may have reviewed the posted rated at the airport before arriving in Speightstown, or even asked your driver to see the rate card he or she keeps on hand, make sure to discuss the final cost with your driver before your ride begins so you don't end up spending more than you may have thought you were.

This list below details typical fares of taxis not only in Speightstown but around the island. Be aware that these are only an example, and rates do change on a regular basis. Another factor you'll have to take into account is the tip. Gratuity is never required, but your driver likely relies on tips to make a living, so a nice showing of appreciation is always welcome. Fifteen to twenty percent is the general tip for a taxi driver.

Wanting to know about local taxi rates? Scan this info.

Typical Fares Around Speightstown
Typical Cost (USD) Location A Location B
$ 30.00 Downtown Bridgetown Speightstown
$ 48.00 Speightstown Grantley Adams International Airport
$ 30.00 Speightstown Bridgetown Cruise Terminal
$ 35.00 Bathsheba Heywoods Beach

There's no getting around it, taxis in Barbados are expensive. If you want to take a taxi from the airport to your hotel in Speightstown it will cost you a solid $30(USD), and more if you have a large party and need to take more than one cab. To make things more affordable, consider hiring an airport transfer service as your initial form of transport on the island. These minivans will most likely be able to accommodate your whole group, and do so for less money.

Choosing your transportation for your once-in-a-lifetime trip to Speightstown is a big deal, but it doesn't have to be complicated. If you are too young to rent a car, don't know how to drive, prefer to let a local driver do the job, or won't be spending much time away from your hotel, taxis are an obvious choice for you.


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