Green Cay National Wildlife Refuge

Administered by the US Fish & Wildlife Service, this refuge was established to protect one of the rarest reptiles in the world, the St. Croix Ground Lizard, as well as a variety of bird and other wildlife species that depend on the island ecosystem to survive.

Green Cay is a 14 acre island comprised of dry, forested land and small, rocky beaches.

Although the refuge might be considered an attraction for visitors to St. Croix, it is an attraction that can best be seen from a distance, by boat, from off-shore of the island in order to protect a highly-lizard species and easily disturbed juvenile brown pelicans. The refuge is closed to the public in order to protect its very fragile ecosystem and the endangered ground lizard. Unauthorized entry to the island can also disrupt bird nesting and can result in the death of brown pelican fledglings if they are frightened off their nests by visitors.


Located near the heart of the island of Green Cay, 2.9 miles east-northeast of downtown Christiansted, Green Cay National Wildlife Refuge invites local customers and visitors who are rooming on this part of the island or nearby. However, even if you aren't staying particularly close, you should feel free to stop by to check it out. In case you're wondering, Christiansted is three miles (four and a half kilometers) to the west-southwest.

Nearby Restaurants

There are plenty of dining options to choose from in the community near the nature preserve. The most proximate restaurant to Green Cay National Wildlife Refuge is Deep End Bar & Grill, which serves American meals. The Galleon and Cheeseburgers in Paradise are some of the additional dining options close-by. At Cheeseburgers in Paradise you and your companions should not end your meal without sampling their specialty, hamburgers.

Nearby Attractions

Visitors that enjoy wildlife reservations, and would like to see others, might check out Southgate Coastal Reserve and Fairleigh Dickinson Territorial Park; the first and closest of which is 0.7 miles away from this wildlife reservation. You'll find at least one or two other places of interest nearby, including Coakley Bay Ruins, which is a mile and a half away St. Croix. Also, you might think about making the trip to Fort Louisa Augusta Light, which is another attraction nearby.

With a selection of nearby activities, you'll never run low on things to do. The attractions closest to this location are found in the following table.

Attractions Near Green Cay National Wildlife Refuge
Attraction Type Distance Direction Location
Coakley Bay Ruins Historic Site 1.7 mi. (6.7 km) ESE 4.1 mi. East of Christiansted
Fort Louisa Augusta Light Other Attraction 2.1 mi. (1.2 km) WSW Christiansted
Fort Christiansted Historic Site 2.7 mi. (0.1 km) WSW Christiansted
D Hamilton Jackson Park -- 2.8 mi. (0.1 km) WSW Downtown Christiansted
Customs House Historic Site 2.8 mi. (0.1 km) WSW Downtown Christiansted
Steeple Building Museum 2.8 mi. (0.1 km) SW Downtown Christiansted
Scale House Historic Site 2.8 mi. (0.0 km) WSW Downtown Christiansted
Government House Historic Site 2.9 mi. (0.1 km) WSW Downtown Christiansted

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