Sea Thru Kayaks

Explore one of the most unique underwater ecosystem in the Caribbean without getting wet! Sea Thru Kayaks is family owned and operated and offers the only clear kayak tours in the Virgin Islands.

The scientific community recognizes the Bio Bay on St. Croix as the best bio bay in the world out of the six known year round bio bays. Sea Thru Kayaks is the only kayak tour company in the world that offers biolumescent tours in completely clear kayaks.


Their Bioluminescense tour at the Salt River National park takes guests through an ecological preserve that is full of wildlife and history. Your guide will enchant you with stories about Christopher Columbus and native inhabitants as they guide you to the Bio Bay. Clear kayaks allow you to spot sea creatures that normally hide and see explosions of light beneath you. Although this tour may be difficult- guests have to paddle ¾ of a mile each way- it is one of the best and most unique activities available on the island.

During the tour, you will see stars moving under your glass kayak and you will feel like you are moving through the galaxy at warp speed. Guests also tend to see fish and comb jellies that are unique to this bay. If you hit a comb jelly with your paddle, they light up neon green; some guests also catch the harmless comb jellies in their hands. Two of these guests (Mark and Shelley Padgett) scooped a comb jelly with a net and deposited it into a glass jar during their kayak trip, enabling them to take the amazing night-time photo shown above.

Sea Thru Kayaks uses two different types of boats. The totally transparent, two-passenger Molokini kayak and the Caribe kayak, which has a clear bottom that acts as a window to the underwater world.

Sea Thru Kayaks will accept these credit cards: Master Card and Visa.

Hours and Policies

Their Bioluminescense tour is offered roughly 21 nights a month, as the tour is scheduled according to lunar conditions; this tour begins at dusk and last one and a half hours.

The tours have a max capacity of 16 people so that every guest gets individualized attention. No children under eight are allowed on the tours and those over 55 will have to answer fitness questions. Sea Thru Kayaks does operate under inclement and adverse weather conditions; rainstorms do not affect the bioluminescence.

Sometimes, because of the cycle of the moon and the weather, you cannot see the bioluminescence; it is suggested that guests book a few days in advance to allow flexibility.

Location and Contact Information

Located in the North Shore, Sea Thru Kayaks is on the premises of Salt River Marina, and is a good option if you're going to be staying in this part of St. Croix. From this location, Cane Bay is three and a half miles (five and a half kilometers) to the west.

Location: Just off the North Shore Road, the North Shore, St. Croix

Phone: (340) 244-8696




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