Shopping on St. Croix

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St. Croix benefits from duty-free shopping and rates on many goods that are discounted between 30 and 60 percent, making it a great destination for not only souvenir shopping, but those who would like to stock up on every day items at lower prices than they would find back home. 

It is in Christiansted and Frederiksted where you'll find the best and most unique shopping to be available.  In Christiansted is where you'll have the best luck, with many shops available along Boardwalk, King Street, and Company Street.  For fresh local produce, hit the stands along the Christiansted Bi-pass.  In Frederiksted, along the waterfront is where you'll have the greatest chance at finding goods.  There are other places to shop throughout the rest of the island, of course, but these spots clearly cater to locals.  

In both towns, the goods are similar, if easier to find in Christiansted, and include perfume, clothing, jewelry, alcohol, and artwork.  The locally made products you'll want to be on the lookout for are hand-painted shirts, crucian bracelets, crucian rum, and pottery.  

Although each shop can open and close as it chooses to do, the overall theme is that they are open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday, although some in Christiansted remain open later into the evening.  It is rare to see a shop open on a Sunday.

Gifts and Souvenirs

If you enjoy shopping for gifts or souvenirs you might want to try Estate Whim Museum Store, which is found within Frederiksted Southeast, in western St. Croix. If your idea of a souvenir is an authentically made crafts in the traditional custom of native population and other items deep in history, than the shop at the Estate Whim Museum is a place you should look into. Operated by the St. Croix Landmarks Society, you can be sure that the shop pays close attention to detail in making authentic gifts. They're at 52 Estate Whim.

Another possibility is Adorn, which is located within taxi range to the east-northeast of Estate Whim Museum Store. The merchandise ranges the gamut from scented candles to inflatable "big balls of love." The selection includes watercolors from Gina Fedderson's Isola Bella line, as well as Ridgway's collection of leather pochettes and clutches. Guests will find them at 41AB Queen Cross Street, Suite 2.

Another place you might enjoy is Baci Duty Free. Baci Duty Free carries a large selection of duty free items that includes precious stones and jewelry, including necklaces set with with colonial and ancient coins. Find them at 1235 Queen Cross Street .

The following table has more details regarding 12 of the gift and souvenir shops on St. Croix.

Gifts and Souvenirs On St. Croix
Name Phone Location
Adorn (340) 227-1343 Downtown Christiansted
Anything in a Basket (340) 778-8114 St. Croix
Baci Duty Free (340) 773-5040 Downtown Christiansted
Cache Of The Day (340) 773-3648 Downtown Christiansted
Cleopatra Gift Shop (340) 778-6234 Epworth, Central St. Croix
Estate Whim Museum Store (340) 772-0598 1.4 mi. South-Southeast of Central Frederiksted
Karavan West Indies (340) 773-9999 Christiansted
Lara's Lair -- Frederiksted
Lavania's Souvenirs (340) 772-9202 Christiansted
Nano Souvenir Shop (340) 773-8487 Christiansted
Rare Finds (340) 713-9254 0.5 mi. East-Southeast of Downtown Christiansted
Rustico (340) 718-7257 Central St. Croix

Specialty Shops

One of the area's more popular specialty retailers is Cane Bay East. This venue is situated in downtown Christiansted. This St. Croix dive center has the skills and expertise to handle all of your dive and training needs, plus a love for the sport that is evident with each excursion. You can reach them at (340) 718-9913.

Another good option is Cane Bay Frederiksted, which is found 11.9 mi. (19.2 km) to the west of Cane Bay East. Owner Hal Rosbach opened the first Cane Bay Dive Center back in 1990, and with the help of an expert staff and word-of-mouth recommendations, this operation has grown to have three stand-alone locations and one resort location around the island. The property is located at 1 Strand Street.

N2 The Blue: Hauntingly beautiful and life changing is how most describe scuba diving on St. Croix. N2 the Blue is the premier dive center on the island, just steps away from the shore, ready to get their guests trained up and out in the water to see everything from colorful coral reef to algae covered shipwrecks. Visitors can contact them at (340) 772-3483.

Lots of specialty shops located on St. Croix are shown in the chart below.

Specialty Shops On St. Croix
Name Type Phone Location
Angie's Galleria Art Gallery (340) 778-9115 St. Croix
Cane Bay Dive Shop Dive Shop (340) 773-4663 0.2 mi. South of Central Cane Bay
Cane Bay East Dive Shop (340) 718-9913 Downtown Christiansted
Cane Bay Frederiksted Dive Shop (340) 772-0715 0.2 mi. Northwest of Central Frederiksted
Christiansted Gallery Art Gallery (340) 773-4443 Christiansted
Crucian Gold Jewelry Store (340) 773-5241 Downtown Christiansted
Maria Henle Studio Art Gallery (340) 718-0372 Downtown Christiansted
Maufe Gallery Art Gallery (340) 332-4556 Downtown Christiansted
Mitchell Larsen Studio Art Gallery (888) 307-8183 Downtown Christiansted
N2 The Blue Dive Shop (340) 772-3483 0.2 mi. North of Central Frederiksted
Nelthropp & Low Diamonds & Fine Jewelry Jewelry Store (340) 773-0365 Downtown Christiansted
Panache Jewelers Jewelry Store (340) 719-6624 0.2 mi. South West of Downtown Christiansted
Quin House Galleries Art Gallery (340) 773-0404 2.7 mi. South West of Central downtown Christiansted
Royal Jewelers Queen Street Jewelry Store (340) 719-3345 0.2 mi. Southeast of Downtown Christiansted
Royal Jewelers Strand Street Jewelry Store (888) 248-8006 Downtown Christiansted
Silver Angel Christiansted Jewelry Store (340) 719-5533 Downtown Christiansted
Sonya's Jewelry Store (340) 778-8605 Downtown Christiansted
St. Croix Ultimate Bluewater Adventure Dive Shop (340) 773-5994 Downtown Christiansted
Thomas Hartwell Photography Gallery Art Gallery (340) 719-1201 Christiansted
ib designs Jewelry Store (340) 773-4322 Downtown Christiansted

Clothing and Apparel

Want to shop for some clothing? You might enjoy a visit to Scuboutique -- which is located in downtown Christiansted. They sell SCUBAPRO masks and snorkels along with Tommy Bahama menswear and Jams World for women. They also have an extensive line of high quality T-shirts with anything from funny themes to Dive themes. They're located at 1104 Strand Street.

A second option is Violette Boutique -- which is found about a hundred yards (a couple hundred meters) from Scuboutique. Violettee Boutique does brings the latest in fashion to a number of watches, jewelry, and other accessories like handbags and luggage. Additionally, you will be able to browse from a selection of internationally known perfumes and colognes, all available at duty-free prices. They're at 38 Strand Street.

A third apparel shop you might want to visit is Island Tribe. For any ladies looking for a new look, the tropical-style clothing at Island Tribe may be just the style you are looking for. With clothing for women of all shapes and sizes, everyone will be sure to find something that they like. Visitors will be able to find them at 57 Company Street .

Check out the following table for more information about apparel shops in this area.

Clothing and Apparel On St. Croix
Name Type Phone Location
Ashley Stewart Women's Clothing and Accessories Store (340) 713-1424 Epworth, Central St. Croix
Belle Femme Boutique Clothing Store -- 0.5 mi. East of Downtown Christiansted
Centipede The Outdoor Store Swimwear, Beachwear and Sportswear Store (340) 773-4482 Christiansted
Garment City General Clothing Store (340) 718-2222 1.0 mi. West of Downtown Christiansted
Hotheads Women's Clothing and Accessories Store (340) 773-7888 Downtown Christiansted
Island Tribe Women's Clothing and Accessories Store (340) 719-0936 Downtown Christiansted
Joanna Banana Boutique (340) 719-2705 Downtown Christiansted
Marianne Store Women's Clothing and Accessories Store (340) 713-0726 1.0 mi. South-Southwest of Central Allandale
Mid Island Men's Wear Men's Clothing Store (340) 778-2795 Sion Farm, Central St. Croix
Naji's Shoe Store Shoe Store (340) 773-6622 1.0 mi. South-Southwest of Central Allandale
One Price Clothing Store at Sunny Isles Women's Clothing and Accessories Store (340) 778-1699 Epworth, Central St. Croix
Parris Tee's T-Shirt Shop (340) 719-5833 St. Croix
Phenomenal Ware General Clothing Store (340) 713-0400 1.0 mi. South-Southwest of Central Allandale
Samira's Fashion Boutique (340) 778-4740 1.0 mi. South-Southwest of Central Allandale
Scuboutique Swimwear, Beachwear and Sportswear Store (877) 567-1367 Downtown Christiansted
Scuboutique Frederiksted Swimwear, Beachwear and Sportswear Store (340) 773-5994 Frederiksted, Western part of St. Croix
Shay's Boutique Boutique (340) 719-7429 Downtown Christiansted
Trends Boutique (340) 719-5633 Downtown Christiansted
Unique Shop Women's Clothing and Accessories Store (340) 778-6955 Epworth, Central St. Croix
Violette Boutique Boutique (800) 544-5912 Downtown Christiansted

Food and Grocery

Looking for some food? Seaside Market and Deil is found within Christiansted, in central St. Croix. If you are looking to buy some groceries or some local ingredients, the one stop place is the Seaside Market and Deli. Here you will be able to pick up everything from your milk and eggs to specialty cuts of meat and fish. Visitors will be able to find them at 1 Estate Mountain.

A second possibility is Food Town Supermarket, which is found 3.3 mi. (5.4 km) away from Seaside Market and Deil. You can pick up every item on your grocery list at Food Town, right in the middle of St. Croix. This supermarket maintains a selection of quality meats, dairy, cereals, and all other kinds of food products that you need on a daily basis. You will find them at 4-G & 4-F La Grande Princesse.

Royal Liquors: Royal Liquors has a variety of liquors from Tequilla and Rum to Vodka and Scotch. Guests will be able to find them on Strand Street.

Take a minute to read the following table for more information.

Food and Grocery Stores On St. Croix
Name Type Phone Location
Eagle Mini-Mart Grocery Store (340) 772-4100 Christiansted
Food Town Supermarket Grocery Store (340) 718-9990 Sion Farm, Central St. Croix
Frankie's Mini-Mart Grocery Store (340) 772-0072 Frederiksted
J&W Grocery Grocery Store (340) 713-8100 Christiansted
King Street Market Grocery Store (340) 719-4700 Christiansted
Los Hermanos Food Market Grocery Store (340) 778-7863 St. Croix
Pastry Hut Bakery (340) 772-2465 St. Croix
Plaza Extra Centerline East Grocery Store (340) 719-1870 Sion Farm, Central St. Croix
Plaza Extra Centerline West Grocery Store (340) 778-6240 1.2 mi. East of Central Allandale
Royal Liquors Beer, Wine, and Liquor Store (340) 773-8185 Downtown Christiansted
Sam's Caribbean Center Grocery Store (340) 773-7172 Sion Farm, Central St. Croix
Seaside Market and Deil Grocery Store (340) 719-9393 0.7 mi. East of Downtown Christiansted
Sion Farm Mini-Market Grocery Store (340) 778-5547 Sion Farm, Central St. Croix
Thomas Bakery Bakery (340) 778-2625 St. Croix
Ziggy's Island Market Convenience Store (340) 773-8382 1.0 mi. West-Northwest of Central Cotton Valley

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