Activities on St. John

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The smallest and, according to many, the loveliest island in the US Virgin Islands, St. John is only accessible by boat which gives you an idea of how little development has occurred here.  In fact, about two-thirds of the island is designated as a national park and many of the activities available to tourists center around natural living.

When you aren't enjoying time relaxing on the balcony of your luxury villa or camped out on the beach, you'll likely find yourself drawn to the sea.  A ferry travels back and forth between St. Thomas and St. John throughout the day, but the same harbor that houses the ferry terminal is also the main anchorage and departure point for yachts, fishing boats, and boats that belong to scuba diving operators.  All of these activities can be , and are, done by visitors on a daily basis. 

As you head inland, the verdant grounds of the national park welcome guests in for miles of hiking trails and if you have a tour guide, they will be able to share with you their knowledge of local flora and fauna.  When it comes to the shopping scene, most visitors are pleasantly surprised by the quality and eclectic nature of available goods.

Bike and Scooter Rental

St. John is a very hilly island. This makes it a great option for mountain biking, but not so much if you plan on using a bike for transportation. Additionally, if you decide to rent a scooter, make sure it is powerful enough to handle the hills.

If you are thinking about exploring a new environment with the wind in your face, there are a few places that can help you. Follow this link to read our article about bike and scooter rentals.


St. John Diving

St. John is known as the nature-orientated US Virgin Island. This eco-focus translates to some superb locations to dive.

You'll find several dive operators and at least 15 different dive sites in the area. To read a more detailed discussion of diving in this area read this article.


As you might expect, the natural waters surrounding St. John make it a great destination for shore fishing, while the warm virgin island waters make it just as good for sportfishing. In otherwords, St. John is a prime location no matter what kind of fishing you are wanting to do.

Hoping to spend some time with a rod in your hand? You'll be glad to discover there are 4 charter fishing services located in this area. To read a more complete discussion of fishing in the area follow this link.

Sailing and Boating

The chart right below summarizes some details regarding local providers that will enable you to spend some time out on the open water.

Boating Opportunities On St. John
Name Phone Location
Calypso Charters (340) 777-7245 Downtown Cruz Bay
Cloud 9 Sailing Adventures (340) 998-1940 Downtown Cruz Bay
Copeland Boat Charters (340) 777-1368 Downtown Cruz Bay
Island Roots (340) 643-5000 Downtown Cruz Bay
Isle-mon Charters (207) 475-8578 Downtown Cruz Bay
Kekoa Sailing Expeditions (340) 244-7245 Downtown Cruz Bay
Lion In Da Sun (340) 625-4783 Downtown Cruz Bay
Mermaid Charters (340) 642-1998 Downtown Cruz Bay
Palm Tree Charters (340) 643-4239 Downtown Cruz Bay
Sadie Sea Charters (340) 514-0778 Downtown Cruz Bay
Sail Pepper (340) 771-7011 Coral Bay, Central St. John
Sail Safaris (340) 626-8181 Downtown Cruz Bay
Salty Dog Day Sails (340) 244-7290 Central St. John
Singing Dog Sailing Day Tours (717) 602-3536 Downtown Cruz Bay
Southern Hospitality (340) 998-4399 Downtown Cruz Bay
Wayward Sailor (340) 473-9705 Cruz Bay
Wish Upon a Star Charters (631) 946-9292 Central St. John

If you want to read about nearby marinas and charter operators click this link.


St. John Spice

If you have some folks who enjoy window shopping in your group, they're not totally out of luck -- there are at least 62 retailers in this area. Take advantage of this extended discussion if you'd like to read more concerning shopping on St. John.


Annaberg Plantation

Yet another great activity for visitors is to enjoy the area's sights and natural beauty. Area sights include 16 historic sites and various other attractions of interest to travelers. Tourists who enjoy being outside are likely to have a good time at the area's waterfall and outdoor parks. For more in-depth coverage of available sightseeing attractions, read this page.

Information concerning a firm that will help you enjoy some local sightseeing can be found in the following chart:

Sightseeing Services On And Around St. John
Name Type Phone Location Island
Ecotours Mangrove Lagoon Nature Tourism Service (340) 779-2155 1.6 mi. West-Southwest of Central Red Hook St. Thomas
Hidden Reef Eco-Tours Excursions and Sightseeing Service (340) 513-9613 2.3 mi. East of Central Coral Bay St. John
VI Ecotours Nature Tourism Service (340) 779-2155 0.9 mi. North-Northeast of Downtown Cruz Bay St. John


If you enjoy looking at fish you're in luck -- you'll have plenty of chances to do so in the waters surrounding St. John. Those wanting to get more details concerning opportunities to go snorkeling by following this link.


Relaxing in a spa might be one of the highlights of your vacation. If you enjoy going to spas, you will be happy to learn there are several in the area. To find out about other the options, follow this link.


Westin Resort, St. John

If you like to play tennis your best bet is to make your reservations at a hotel that has a tennis court. Fortunately, there are 5 properties in the area that offer tennis.

The table below highlights some key facts. You can view the number of courts available, whether lighting is available for evening play, and a few other details. Click on each name to read about other aspects of the property.

Accommodations with Tennis On And Around St. John
Property Location Island Tennis Courts Lit Courts Tennis Pro
Westin Resort, St. John 0.8 mi. Southeast of Downtown Cruz Bay St. John 6 check
Ritz-Carlton St. Thomas 3.3 mi. West of Central downtown Cruz Bay St. Thomas 2 check
Caneel Bay Resort 1.0 mi. Northeast of Downtown Cruz Bay St. John 10 check check
Crystal Cove 2.0 mi. East-Northeast of Central Maroon Town St. Thomas 4 check
The Anchorage Beach Resort 2.0 mi. East of Central Maroon Town St. Thomas 5

For example, Westin Resort, St. John is located directly on the beach, where you can go and relax between games.

Other Activities

The table below lists some details regarding other activities.

Other Activities On St. John
Name Type Phone Location
Arawak Expeditions Watersports Operator (340) 693-8312 Cruz Bay
Arawak Expeditions Snorkeling Tour Operator (340) 693-8312 Downtown Cruz Bay
Carolina Corral Horseback Riding Site (340) 693-5778 Coral Bay, Central St. John
Cerene's Massage Palor Massage Therapist (340) 693-8238 Cruz Bay
Crabby's Watersports Snorkeling Equipment Rental Service (340) 714-2415 Central St. John
Cruz Bay Tennis Tennis Club -- Downtown Cruz Bay
Cruz Bay Watersports Watersports Operator (340) 776-6234 Cruz Bay
Just BEach! Snorkeling Equipment Rental Service (340) 776-6256 Downtown Cruz Bay
Low Key Waterports Snorkeling Tour Operator (340) 693-8999 Downtown Cruz Bay
Water Base Watersports Operator -- Downtown Cruz Bay

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