St. John Taxis

Taxis are popular on St. John

Photo Credit: © Sharon Johnson

St. John is popularly frequented by day-trippers who arrive on the island via ferry from another island in the United States Virgin Island chain. For these people, taxis make the most sense for their main source of transportation. Others, who will be staying on the island full time might feel more comfortable letting a local islander who is familiar with the roads take the wheel.

Taxi Companies

Whichever category you fall into, you may notice when you encounter a cab that they are little different than what you might be used to back home. Here, drivers have a goal of filling the cab up before taking off for their next destination, so a private cab is hard to come by, and they look different, too. Taxis on the island are actually either vans or flat bed pickup trucks that have been converted to have bench seating. They don't follow any set design or color scheme to make them stand out as taxis, so tourists will have to be on the lookout for a lit dome light on the roof or a placard reading “TAXI” on the roof as well as the letters “JP” on the license plate. A legally licensed taxi driver will also have his registration prominently displayed on the dash board.

Star Fish Tours and Taxi Services is the only taxi service concerning which we have detailed information. You can contact them at (340) 998-6139; they're located in the eastern part of St. John.

Taxis tend to hang around the ferry dock in Cruz Bay, which serves as the main port of entry for most tourists, but also around taxi stands at both Trunk Bay and Cinnamon Bay, as well as hotels, and other popular attractions.

Rates, Fares, and Fees

Once you've caught a legally driven cab, you'll find out that taxis on St. John are not metered. Here, rates are pre-set and differ from place to place based on a combination of distance and number of passengers.

The following rate chart will give you an idea of what it will cost to get from place to place throughout St. John. These rates do change regularly, so be aware that you may encounter something just slightly different on the island. Also be aware that the fares provided are per person. Additional riders will cost a little less than half the full cost.

Some additional charges you'll have to be aware of are as follows:

  • $2(USD) for each piece of luggage.

  • $20 to $30(USD) for a dog kennel.

  • $1(USD) per minute after the first five minutes if you ask the driver to wait on you.

  • An additional $2(USD) per person if you ride between the hours of midnight and 6:00 a.m.

Aside from a ride from place to place, you also have the opportunity to rent a cab by the hour. The rate is $40 for a mini van rental, $55 for a van rental, and $80(USD) for a safari rental. Cabs are also one of the main sources for tours on the island. Drivers are happy to take you around the island and talk to you about each of the island's most important sites as well as let guests get out and explore. A two hour taxi tour on St. John is $25 per person when there are more riders, but $50(USD) if it just one passenger. A three hour tour, on the other hand, is $70 for one passenger, and $35(USD) per person if there are two or more riders.

Though it can get pricy, the price standardization and friendly drivers make taxis on St. John a great choice for your vacation transportation needs.


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