Bars and Restaurants Near Anchorage Inn

1 | Opus Restaurant

(268) 462-1501 | Pizza

Situated on Fort Road, this bar and grill is located north of Anchorage Inn.


4 | Millers

(268) 462-9414 | Seafood

This restaurant is located only 1.0 mile (1.7 km) west of Anchorage Inn, and is on the northwestern outskirts of St. John's.

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3 | Sandhaven Beach Bar

(268) 771-6803 | Barbecue

Guests can find this bar and grill at Runaway Beach, only 1.0 mile (1.5 km) from Anchorage Inn.

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2 | Lobster Shack

Sandwiches, Hot Dogs and more

Interested visitors will find this bar and grill within Runaway Beach, less than a mile northwest of Anchorage Inn.

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5 | Afiamani Complex

(268) 562-5855 | Creole

Interested visitors will be able to find this grill in the heart of downtown St. John's, just 1.3 miles (2.2 km) south of Anchorage Inn.

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6 | Hemingway's Caribbean Cafe

(268) 462-2763 | Café

This café is located less than a quarter mile (less than a quarter kilometer) from Afiamani Complex, and is in the heart of downtown St. John's.

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7 | Moka Bar

(268) 562-5426 | Lounge

This lounge is located on Redcliffe Street, and is a quarter mile (a quarter kilometer) from Hemingway's Caribbean Cafe.


8 | Shwarma

Middle Eastern

This restaurant is situated just 2.0 miles (3.1 km) from Anchorage Inn.


The interactive map depicts 8 nearby food and beverage venues tourists can find within a couple miles of Anchorage Inn. The closest option for Creole and Caribbean food is Lobster Shack (map number 2), which is situated just from the hotel. To see a more expansive view of the area, or to get more info about the options shown, click to interact with the map. The map numbers above correspond with the numbers found listed in the chart below.

Restaurants Near Anchorage Inn
Map No. Type Restaurant Name Distance from Hotel
1 Caribbean, Pizza Opus Restaurant and Bar 1.2 mi. (2.0 km)
2 Cajun, Caribbean, Creole, Vegan, Vegetarian, Hot Dogs, Sandwiches, Seafood Lobster Shack 0.9 mi. (1.5 km)
3 Caribbean, Barbecue Sandhaven 1.0 mi. (1.5 km)
4 Caribbean, Seafood Millers by the Sea 1.0 mi. (1.7 km)
5 Creole Afiamani Complex 1.3 mi. (2.2 km)
6 Caribbean, International Hemingway's Caribbean Cafe 1.3 mi. (2.1 km)
7 Lounge Moka Bar and Lounge 1.4 mi. (2.2 km)
8 Middle Eastern Shwarma 2.0 mi. (3.1 km)

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