Shopping in St. Johns

St. John's is a city that is just about four square miles in size, and if you follow the streets, which are laid out in a grid formation, you'll easily be able to find any shops that are recommended to you.  With duty-free items that are both imported from overseas and made locally, there are plenty of opportunities to pick up gifts and souvenirs to bring home.

The main shopping areas are of course right at the cruise ship dock, at the Heritage Quay Shopping Center which is just outside of the dock are and has a lot of great luxury goods, the Vendor's Mall where you'll find local artisans peddling their wares, at the Heritage Market if you'd like to sample local produce, Redcliffe Quay for artwork and potter, and Woods Mall for your typical mall setting. 

Gifts and Souvenirs

Check this table for more information.

Gifts and Souvenirs In St. Johns
Name Type Phone Location
A & B Museum Gift Shop Gift and Souvenir Shops (268) 462-1469 Downtown St. John's
Cactus Cards Gift and Souvenir Shops (268) 560-3922 Downtown St. John's
Exotic Antigua Duty Free Duty Free Store (268) 562-1288 Downtown St. John's
ISIS Gift and Souvenir Shops (268) 462-4602 Downtown St. John's
Jarcaranda Gift and Souvenir Shops (268) 462-1888 Downtown St. John's
Legacy Gifts Gift and Souvenir Shops (268) 562-8065 Downtown St. John's
Shades Designer Eyewear Sunglasses Shop (268) 562-7080 Downtown St. John's

Specialty Shops

One of the more popular specialty retailers in this area is ZEMI Art Gallery. They're located within Redcliffe Quay, in central St. Johns. The artwork on display at Zemi touches on the island's heritage and local customs in a new, fresh way. Visitors have trouble keeping their jaws from dropping on the floor at all the unique pieces available at this shop. For customers who want to call before you go, do so at (268) 562-7662.

Another option is The Goldsmitty, which is located within a quick walk from ZEMI Art Gallery. The Goldsmitty is open from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. They're at 11 Redcliffe Quay.

Abbott's Jewelery & Perfumery: Dazzling fine jewelry, elegant time pieces, and more are on display at Abbott's Jewelry, where you enjoy duty free shopping on your luxury goods. Visitors can call them at (268) 462-3108.

The table directly below has more details concerning the 20 specialty shops located in St. Johns.

Specialty Shops In St. Johns
Name Type Phone Location
A Thousand Flowers Florist (268) 462-4264 Downtown St. John's
Abbott's Jewelery & Perfumery Jewelry Store (268) 462-3108 Downtown St. John's
Caribbean Sunrise Arts And Crafts Art Gallery (264) 562-2278 Downtown St. John's
Cohiba International Tobacconist and Cigar Shop (268) 562-5866 Downtown St. John's
Diamonds International Jewelry Store (268) 481-1880 Downtown St. John's
Diamonds International Jewelry Store -- Downtown St. John's
Dl Watch & Design Watch Store -- Downtown St. John's
Exotic Floral Florist (268) 562-4523 Downtown St. John's
Expressive Floral Designs Florist (268) 562-4307 Downtown St. John's
Flamboyant Flower Shop Florist (268) 462-1826 Downtown St. John's
Flower World Florist (268) 562-9229 Downtown St. John's
Gismary Art Gallery Art Gallery (264) 562-6152 Downtown St. John's
Grace Arbor Florist (268) 462-3674 Downtown St. John's
Happy Pets Pet and Aquarium Supply Store (268) 563-7959 1.2 mi. North-Northeast of Downtown St. John's
Heritage Sports Sporting Goods Store (268) 462-9772 Downtown St. John's
Jeweler's Warehouse Jewelry Store -- Downtown St. John's
Sterlings Jewelry Store (268) 562-5662 Downtown St. John's
The Goldsmitty Jewelry Store (268) 462-4601 Downtown St. John's
Vision Holdings Florist (268) 562-5256 Downtown St. John's
ZEMI Art Gallery Art Gallery (268) 562-7662 Downtown St. John's

Clothing and Apparel

Interested in shopping for clothing? You might enjoy a visit to Cool & Smooth Market Street -- which is located within Redcliffe Quay, in central St. Johns. Cool & Smooth sells quality clothing, shoes, and accessories for the entire family, and even has a line of housewares. The property can be found on All Saints Road .

A second good option is Cool & Smooth Church Street -- which is found within a quick walk from Cool & Smooth Market Street. Known for their unbeatable prices and friendly service, Cool & Smooth is a local business that has grown over the last 20 plus years to become one of the most popular in Antigua and Barbuda. The property is situated on Church Street .

The chart directly below lists more details concerning the apparel shops in St. Johns.

Clothing and Apparel In St. Johns
Name Phone Location
Attitude! on Market Street (268) 562-5588 Downtown St. John's
Attitude! on Redcliffe Street (268) 562-3158 Downtown St. John's
Cool & Smooth Church Street (268) 462-6460 Downtown St. John's
Cool & Smooth Market Street (268) 462-0845 Downtown St. John's
El Unique Boutique (268) 562-4007 Downtown St. John's
Evergreen Boutique (268) 462-2728 Downtown St. John's
Expressions Boutique (268) 460-7171 Downtown St. John's
Gingerlily (268) 462-3168 Downtown St. John's
Gingerly (268) 462-3168 Downtown St. John's
Inzio (268) 562-1381 Downtown St. John's
Noreen Phillips Couturiere (268) 462-3127 Downtown St. John's
OOPS (268) 462-6677 Downtown St. John's
Rain Boutique (268) 462-0118 Downtown St. John's
Shiva's Fashion (268) 562-5432 Downtown St. John's
Suga Red Boutique (268) 562-6005 Downtown St. John's
The Edge (268) 562-5276 Downtown St. John's
The Galley Boutique (268) 460-1525 Downtown St. John's
Tropic Shores Peer (268) 460-9183 Downtown St. John's
Tropic Wear (268) 462-6251 Downtown St. John's
Ziba (268) 562-9696 Downtown St. John's

Food and Grocery

Want to check out some local food offerings? Epicurean Fine Foods & Pharmacy is located in northeastern St. Johns. The largest grocery store on the island, this location has everything you need in one location, from groceries to flowers, and even a pharmacy. Take care of all of your errands by making one quick stop.

Another place to consider is Carib Bean Coffee Company, which is located a little more than a mile (approximately a kilometer and a half) to the south west of Epicurean Fine Foods & Pharmacy. Specializing in fresh roasted coffee, with Carib Been Coffee, you can explore the paths of homegrown beans and see (and smell!) for yourself the difference in what you buy pre-packaged in the store. You can contact them at (268) 462-5282.

Check out the following table if you want more information.

Food and Grocery Stores In St. Johns
Name Type Phone Location
Carib Bean Coffee Company Coffee and Tea Store (268) 462-5282 Downtown St. John's
Chase Distributors Supermarket Grocery Store -- 1.2 mi. East of Downtown St. John's
Downtown Food Mall Grocery Store (268) 460-8474 Downtown St. John's
E.V.C. Health & Beauty Nutrition and Body Care Store (268) 562-4545 Downtown St. John's
Epicurean Fine Foods & Pharmacy Grocery Store -- 1.0 mi. Northeast of Downtown St. John's
Kennedy's Liquor World Beer, Wine, and Liquor Store (268) 481-1326 Downtown St. John's
Omaha Bakery Bakery (268) 462-2223 Downtown St. John's
Premier CRU Beer, Wine, and Liquor Store (268) 480-3200 Downtown St. John's
Quin Farara's Duty Free Beer, Wine, and Liquor Store (268) 462-1737 Downtown St. John's
Quin Farara's Long Street Beer, Wine, and Liquor Store (268) 462-3869 Downtown St. John's
Quin Farara's Nugent Beer, Wine, and Liquor Store (268) 462-3197 Downtown St. John's
The Liquor Shop Beer, Wine, and Liquor Store (268) 462-2606 Downtown St. John's

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