St. John's Cathedral

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St. John's Cathedral is a historic Anglican church that watches over the island from a hilltop on St. John's. Though it was originally built in the 17th century, it remains in use to this day and serves as the seat of the Diocese of the North East Caribbean and Aruba. Visitors are welcomed in daily to peruse the religious relics housed within the countlessly rebuilt walls.

What to Expect

A wide collection of historic religious pieces are housed at St. John's Cathedral, each with a story to tell. Some such items include two large silver chalises circa the 17th century, six silver-plated Alms plates from 1839, countless historic crosses in numerous materials, and more. The most famed treasure at St. John's Cathedral is an Alms Dish from 1715 to 1716 that measures 18 inches and has been fastened to a painting of the Last Supper. It was gifted to the Cathedral in 1724 by John Otto Baijer. Also of note are the Memorial Tablets which are hung around the walls of the Cathedral and that tell the tale of Antigua's history.

St. John's cathedral is noted for its tall twin towers and iron gates flanked by lead carved figures of St. John the Divine and St. John the Baptist. Originally destined for Martinique, the statues were taken from a French ship in 1756 and given to the church.

Staying Close

Those wishing to visit St. John's Cathedral may choose to book their trip in downtown St. John's, since travelers to this part of Antigua will have easy access to this historic attraction for the duration of their trip. With only a small number of hotels around the area within the vicinity of this historical site, minimal tourist traffic might be predicted.

Hotels near St. John's Cathedral
Hotel Type Distance Direction
City View Hotel Hotel 0.0 mi. (0.4 km) NW
Heritage Hotel Hotel 0.3 mi. (0.3 km) SW
Anchorage Inn Hotel -- --
Serendipity Cottages Cottages 1.3 mi. (2.4 km) NNE

Location and What's Nearby

There are a couple of close-by out-of-doors activities to get in on during down time, when you and your group aren't touring St. John's Cathedral. Tourists with an interest in trying out their ability around the course, will be able to do so at the closest golfing option, which is Cedar Valley Golf Club. If you don't take a whole lot of pride in your golf game, consider spending some time at Fort James Beach, one of the closest beaches to this landmark. Though the selection isn't overly extensive, one or two other comparable outdoor activities can be reached from St. John's Cathedral. You will discover additional interesting places out of the sun in the vicinity. There are a couple of places you may enjoy -The Museum of Antigua and Barbuda and Deluxe Cinemas- each of them found a short distance from the historic site.


Operating Hours

You should call the landmark in advance to get the exact hours of operation.


Entry is free.

Contact Information

Phone Number: (268) 462-0820



Location: Church Lane, St. John's, Antigua


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