Taxis in St. Johns

Taxis are plentiful in the City of St. John's

St. John's is the capital city of Antigua, the most populated city on the island, and the home to the island's airport. As such, it is easy to see why taxis are easy to come by. Although you can very easily rent a car when you arrive at the airport, many people prefer to let locals do the driving and plan to use taxi cabs throughout their stay.

Taxi Companies

Whether you're leaving V.C. Bird International Airport, heading to the beach, plan to do some shopping, or simply heading out the front entrance of your hotel, you'll likely find it easy to grab a taxi in areas where they congregate. Simply raise your hand to wave them down if you need a ride and they'll make a beeline towards you.

See this table to call a local cab company when you are in need of a ride.

Taxi Contact Information
Name Phone Location
Antigua Reliable 24 Hour Taxi Service (268) 460-5353 West End Bus Station - St. John's
Brother's Taxi Service (268) 462-6464 Redcliffe Quay
Christo Taxi Stand (268) 460-7434 High Street - Redcliffe Quay
Daylight Taxi (268) 462-3015 Long Street - Redcliffe Quay
Gravy Taxi Stand (268) 462-0711 Market Street - Redcliffe Quay
Heritage Quay Taxi Stand (268) 460-8213 Heritage Quay Terminal - St. John's
Life Saver Taxi Stand (268) 460-9898 Lower Tanner Street - Redcliffe Quay
St. John's Taxi Association (268) 786-3578 Heritage Quay - Redcliffe Quay

Rates, Fares, and Fees

The cost to take a cab in St. Johns isn't cheap, but what tourists typically enjoy about it is that the rates are set in advance, so they can get in the vehicle prepared with the appropriate amount. You can look the rates up in advance, or ask your driver for his or her rate card when you get in. The rates are set upon the destination, and take into account the possibility of four passengers. If you have more than four passengers, be prepared to pay an extra $6(USD) per extra person. Make sure to discuss the fare with your driver before you take off to make sure you are on the same page, and be aware that it will cost an extra $2.50 per bag after the first four bags, and $5(USD) per half hour that your driver has to wait on you if you are running an errand or visiting an attraction and ask him or her to wait.

The chart below details the rates for driving around St. Johns, but keep in mind that they may not be exact as the rates change regularly.

Example Taxi Fares from St. John's
DestinationEstimated Fare
Dockyard $24.00 (USD)
V.C. Bird Internatioanl Airport $12.00 (USD)
Galleon Beach $24.00 (USD)
Pigeon Point $24.00 (USD)
Fort James Beach $12.00 (USD)
Turtle Bay $26.00 (USD)
Dickenson Bay $12.00 (USD)
Darkwook Beach $26.00 (USD)
Halfmoon Bay $28.00 (USD)
Betty's Hope $17.00 (USD)

Tips are not a requirement, however, prepare to offer at least 15 percent for good service.

If you are planning on heading out to explore the island, be sure to check out our additional Antigua guides: Dickenson Bay, English Harbour, Jolly Harbour, and Falmouth Harbour.

Wondering what taxis cost? Look at this set of examples.

Typical Fares Around St. Johns
Typical Cost (USD) Location A Location B
$ 24.00 St. John's Falmouth Harbour
$ 24.00 St. John's English Harbour
$ 18.00 St. John's Jolly Harbour
$ 28.00 St. John's Half Moon Bay Beach
$ 26.00 St. John's Darkwood Beach
$ 24.00 St. John's Galleon Beach
$ 24.00 St. John's Nelson's Dockyard National Park
$ 17.00 St. John's Betty's Hope
$ 12.00 St. John's Fort James Beach
$ 16.00 St. John's Dickenson Bay
$ 24.00 St. John's Pigeon Point
$ 12.00 Dickenson Bay Deepwater Harbour
$ 12.00 St. John's V.C. Bird International Airport
$ 26.00 Heritage Quay Terminal Devil's Bridge
$ 25.00 Deepwater Harbour None
$ 12.00 Heritage Quay Terminal Dickenson Bay
$ 6.00 Heritage Quay Terminal Downtown St. John's
$ 26.00 Heritage Quay Terminal Darkwood Beach
$ 24.00 Heritage Quay Terminal Galleon Beach
$ 24.00 Heritage Quay Terminal Pigeon Point
$ 26.00 Heritage Quay Terminal Turtle Bay
$ 12.00 Heritage Quay Terminal Fort James
$ 24.00 Heritage Quay Terminal Nelson's Dockyard National Park
$ 17.00 Heritage Quay Terminal Betty's Hope
$ 16.00 Deepwater Harbour Jolly Harbour
$ 25.00 Deepwater Harbour Falmouth Harbour
$ 25.00 Deepwater Harbour English Harbour

For $24(USD) an hour, you may be able to hire your driver to take you around St. Johns on a tour. Most drivers have lived on the island their whole lives and are very well prepared to offer up anecdotes and historical facts about anywhere you want to go. If you happen upon a driver you mesh with, ask them to pick you up the following day and show you around, or call one of the cab companies and arrange a tour at a time that best suits you.

Taxis, though expensive, are a great option for getting around St. Johns. Well-regulated and featuring friendly drivers, you won't regret the decision to opt out of renting a car.


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