St. Johns Transportation Options

St. Johns is filled with every type of transportation option you can imagine

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All of Antigua's transportation options seem to originate in St. Johns. This is the city where you'll find the ferry and cruise terminal, several ports of entry for sailors, the airport, and even two bus stations. No matter what your plans are for your stay in the capital city, your transportation options are covered on all fronts.

Getting There

Take your pick. In St. Johns, you'll be able to fly to the airport just moments outside of city limits, or sail directly into the many ports, docks, and marinas that the town as to offer. An adventure awaits, and its up to you how you get there.

Getting Around

Numerous rental car agencies fill the airport and are located throughout town, taxis are plentiful, buses originate from St. Johns, and there's even a ferry to nearby Barbuda that sails from here. However you choose to get around, you'll have no trouble making your final arrangements.

Air Travel

Getting to the island will require at least one connection, usually at the Luis Munoz Marin International Airport on Puerto Rico or the Princess Juliana International Airport on St. Maarten. Most commercial airlines offer flights to V.C. Bird International Airport via these routes. Visitors from the Unites States and Canada will typically connect through Puerto Rico, while those from Europe will fly first to Sint Maarten. You can check the major airlines that fly into Antigua by clicking here.


St. John's is the main city on Antigua, and the harbour there is a popular spot, with shops and attractions lining the water. However, this is also where the cruise ship terminal is, so you can expect it to get crowded at times. Luckily, there are plenty of marinas and docking areas scattered around the island. Since St. John's is so big, there is generally direct road access (and taxis ready to drive you) no matter where you decide to dock.


...plan an excursion...


A major source for all transportation options in Antigua, St. Johns is also home to Deepwater Harbour, the island's cruise terminal. Many of the major cruise lines including Disney, Carnival, Princess, COSTA, and MSC Italian can often be seen docked in town, and when the cruise is in port, all of the local business perk up and get ready to handle a lot of business all at once. When you arrive aboard a cruise, you have plenty of shopping and dining opportunities, as well as a great deal of local attractions to see.  Even with all of this, in 2014, the government announced plans to completely overhaul the terminal to make it even more tourist-friendly.  Typically, your ship will plan an excursion, but if you feel like you need guidance beyond that, you can always hire a local taxi driver to take you on a quick and inexpensive tour.

Rental Cars

When you arrive in St. Johns, you'll have your choice of any of the dozen rental car agencies located at the airport, or you can go immediately to your hotel and pick up a vehicle later. Most people will make reservations in advance and some agencies will even bring the rental to you. You'll likely spend between $30 and $50(USD) a day on a rental, which is a great price, and then it will be up to you to learn how to drive in unfamiliar territory. Above all else, remember that traffic moves on the left side of the road like in most of Europe. Get more driving tips by viewing our St. John Rental Car Guide and reading up on rental car options in St. Johns.


It isn't hard to come by a taxi in St. Johns. You'll immediately see them as you exit the airport, plus, they hang out at all of the major tourist attractions and make the rounds outside of popular hotels as well. If you'll need a cab, you can simply walk out onto the street and hail one, have the front desk of your hotel call one up for you, or call yourself and arrange something in advance. Taxis here are not metered, but you should still make sure to confirm the listed price before the driver takes off. Prices are based upon a four person max occupancy, and you'll see the fees go up if you add a fifth or sixth person, plus you may be charged for extra luggage. Learn about taxis on St. John here.


There are two main bus terminals in town called the East End Bus Station and the West End Bus Station, and most routes originate in St. Johns giving visitors a great chance of being able to use this service as their main form of transportation during their stay.  You can ride for just $1(USD) per person and travel to most major villages.  Glimpse a route schedule and learn more about the service by clicking here.  

If you want to hail a bus, wait at the closest bus station, and flag the numbered bus down for a ride. Service is available from dawn until dusk Monday through Saturday.


St. Johns offers one ferry service to the island of Barbuda. It is available Tuesday through Saturday, allowing those staying on the island for an extended period and those who would like to visit for a quick day trip from St. Johns a less expensive transportation option than flying. In addition to this, there is a ferry out of nearby English Harbour to the island nation of Montserrat. Schedules and fare information is available here.

After reading through all of your options, you are now more prepared than ever to make the final decision regarding your transportation to, in, and around St. Johns. Go with your gut and if necessary, use more than one option for different situations.


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