Best Accommodations for Dining on St. Kitts

Hotels on St. Kitts Known for Great Dining

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Eating in a beautiful setting can be one of the best parts of any trip to this region. As you might suspect, there are numerous exciting dining opportunities on St. Kitts. Wherever you go you'll find restaurants big and small, classic and modern, but always with that special local twist.

The resorts and hotels named below are excellent picks if having instant access to a world of dining options is important. Some are known for their wonderful on-site restaurants, while some are situated in neighborhoods with tons of off-property options.

Best Hotels on St. Kitts for Dining

You may find yourself eating several meals at the restaurants inside your hotel. And why not? There are dozens of hotel restaurants around. This could mean it's time to narrow your search to accommodations with the best and easiest dining options. Not only are on-site dining options convenient, but most hotels pride themselves on their excellent food, making "staying in" a tempting option.

The hotels below were ranked with many considerations in mind, including quick service snack bars, room service, and of course their full service restaurants.

Properties on St. Kitts for Excellent Dining
Property Location Snack Bar Room Service
Glimbaro Guest House Downtown Basseterre
Willett's Vacation Great House Basseterre
St. Kitts Marriott Resort & The Royal Beach Casino Frigate Bay check check
Bird Rock Beach Hotel Basseterre check check
Frigate Bay Resort Frigate Bay check

For important details about any of the hotels above, just click its name to continue reading articles detailing every last aspect of the property — because even though dining is an important part of any vacation, it's not the only consideration.

Best Hotels on St. Kitts for Nearby Restaurants

You may also want to consider how close your hotel is to the restaurants in town. Even if the food at your hotel is terrific, it's always enjoyable to experience different takes on the local cuisine, particularly if you're vacationing for more than a few days.

Below are more accommodation options, chosen as top picks for their proximity to clusters of local restaurants.

Best Properties on St. Kitts for Off-Site Dining
Property Location
Rock Haven Frigate Bay
Timothy Beach Resort Frigate Bay
Ocean Terrace Inn Basseterre
Sugar Bay Club Frigate Bay
Royal St Kitts Hotel Frigate Bay

Bear in mind that some of St. Kitts' most popular restaurants are located inside hotels, so your most memorable dining experience may occur where other tourists are staying. Click on the name of any listed hotel and you'll be able to view facts and photos about the property, in addition to all the food-related amenities that matter to you.


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