Cruising to St. Kitts

Cruise passengers think of St. Kitts as a relaxing piece of paradise

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St. Kitts and Nevis Cruises

Serene beaches, fascinating history, and lush tropical landscape make the islands of St. Kitts and Nevis intriguing places to visit while on a cruise through the Caribbean islands.

From a cruise ship passing through St. Kitts' waters, passengers will see the islands' natural beauty and gorgeous beaches immediately. Most cruise lines only pass by the islands or dock briefly on most cruise routes.

When cruise ships do stop on St. Kitts, they dock in downtown Bassettere on the Port Zante, which can accommodate large cruise ships, luxury yachts, and pleasure sailing ships. This destination has been so popular in recent years that in the begining of 2014 the Minister of Tourism announced the construction of a second pier and a revamp of the shops that surround the area.  Nevis doesn't host as many cruise ships nor does it have the same capacity for larger vessels as its neighbor. But Nevis can accommodate smaller cruse ships and vessels at the port in Charlestown.

There are several cruise lines that offer services to St. Kitts during their trip to the Caribbean.

Cruise Line Phone Number
CUNARD 877-505-5370
Princess Cruises 800-PRINCESS (800-774-6237)
Radisson 7 Seas Cruises 877-505-5370
Sea Dream Yacht Club 800-707-4911


The cost of you cruise vacation depend on several choices. First, which cruise line you book your vacation through will determine how much your vacation will cost. Also, how long your cruise lasts and which class you choose is important to the overall cost. Most cruise vacations come as a package deal, which usually includes meals, some activities, and entertainment. Drinks, tips, and gambling are not usually covered.

Cruise Classes

When making reservations, you will choose among four classes of cruises: luxury, premium, contemporary/value, and specialty cruises. These different classes offer variety to fit every price range and taste.


Luxury class cruises may be more expensive than the other types of cruises, but they offer their guests individual attention. With a large waitstaff and lavish accommodations, many vacationers can justify the extra price. Just below the luxury class are premium cruises, which also include a large waitstaff and a few of the extras you won't find in the next class, contemporary cruises.

Contemporary/value cruises provide vacationers with activities and entertainment at lower rates than the luxury or premium cruises. Ninety percent of reservations are booked on this class of cruise, which are hosted by well-known lines such as Royal Caribbean and Carnival.

Specialty cruises cater to a specific segment of passenger, or they are singled out by traveling to more unusual destinations. Senior citizens, singles, and gay and lesbian groups are among the most popular specialty cruisers.


Travelers may also want to consider different ship sizes when choosing a cruise vacation. Most luxury class cruises are aboard smaller ships, which can accommodate approximately 300 people. These smaller vessels may not be comfortable for passengers prone to seasickness because they experience more roll than larger ships. The large ships can hold approximately 3,000 passengers.

Cruise ships are classified according to the following criteria:

Criteria Explanation Meaning
Gross registered tonnage Measurement of the ship's volume/vessel's size 1 gross registered ton = 100 cubic feet
Passenger-to-crew ratio Number of passengers served by each crew member Smaller ratio = better service
Passenger capacity Based on double occupancy (2 passengers in each cabin) More room = more passengers
Space ratio Comparison of ship space/tonnage to passenger capacity Higher ratio = more spacious

Cabins and Packing

When packing for your vacation remember to bring clothing that will be suitable on the ship as well as on the islands you will visit. Swim wear such as bathing suits, sunglasses, and flip-flops are appropriate for the beach and pool areas but may not be proper attire for dining areas on the ship and common areas on the islands. Ask what type of clothing is considered appropriate in the ship's dining rooms, and if the cruise requires formal evening wear.

Most cruise ships don't have extra storage space, so pack only the items that will fit comfortably in your cabin. When choosing a cabin, consider the size and location that you will need to be comfortable while on the cruise.

Also, consider these factors when choosing a cabin:

  • For safety reasons, passengers with children should avoid the outer cabins and cabins with balconies.

  • If you want an ocean-view room, be sure to make a specific request for one while making reservations.

  • Cabins on the lower decks in the middle of the ship experience less motion, and are ideal for travelers who are prone to motion sickness.

  • Cabins near anchors, bars, nightclubs, casinos, elevators, the engine room, gyms, public rooms, stairways, pools, hot tubs, theaters, or thrusters are especially noisy, so if you are a light sleeper, or just want more quiet accommodations, these rooms should be avoided.

  • Keep money and other valuables safely stowed in your cabin, and lock the door behind you when you leave.

Choosing the right cruise is a very personal choice. But no matter how you travel, visiting St. Kitts will complete your tropical vacation.


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