Dos D'Ane Pond

After five or more hour of a physically demanding hike up a mountain lies a treasure at the top: Dos D'Ane Pond. There are magical natural sites to be seen on your way to the top, but what awaits is simply breathtaking, and most agree worth every brutal step that it takes to get there.

For the most part, the trail that leads to the top is steep right from the get-go. There are a few breaks that allow you to walk on flat ground, but be prepared for some demanding calf-work. When you arrive near the top, you'll be awed by a gorgeous waterfall draining the pond, and finally at Dos D'Ane Pond you'll find peace and tranquility among the clouds.


Set on the western edge of Christ Church Nichola Town Parish, in the vicinity of Basseterre, Dos D'Ane Pond happily welcomes local residents and vacationers who are rooming in this section of St. Kitts. Whether or not you are staying particularly close, you are free to stop by to check it out. It is south-southeast of Dieppe Bay Town.

Nearby Restaurants

Don't worry if your visit to the park leaves you a bit hungry -- you can find numerous choices of food and beverage places in this general area. The closest place to eat to Dos D'Ane Pond is Sprat Net, which serves Caribbean dishes. Also close-by, you'll have options like Bass Bakery and The Kitchen where you and your group can not get up and go without taking a bite of their specialty, desserts, among others.

Nearby Attractions

Travelers who like outdoor parks, and are interested in visiting others, might check out Berkely Memorial and Victoria Monument; which are both within driving distance of this park. Other kinds of local activities include Wingfield Estate, which is a short distance away away Old Road Town. Furthermore, you can consider making the trip to Sky Safari, which is another attraction in the area.

If you can't wait to see as many of St. Kitts' attractions as possible, take a look at what is closest in the following table.

Attractions Near Dos D'Ane Pond
Attraction Type Distance Direction Location
Wingfield Estate Historic Site -- -- Old Road Town
Sky Safari Other Attraction -- -- Old Road Town
Romney Manor Historic Site 2.6 mi. (8.9 km) SSW Old Road Town
Brimstone Hill Fortress Historic Site 3.6 mi. (8.0 km) W Saint Anne Sandy Point Parish
Atlantic Coast Rainforest -- -- -- Ogees
Palmetto Point Fort Historic Site 4.2 mi. (5.6 km) S 3.5 mi. West of Basseterre
Fort Charles Historic Site 4.3 mi. (8.2 km) W Sandy Point Town
Sandy Point National Marine Park Other Attraction 5.0 mi. (8.5 km) W Saint Anne Sandy Point Parish

Location: Christ Church Nichola Town Parish, St. Kitts


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