Landmarks on St. Kitts

St. Kitts and Nevis have several important landmarks worth exploring

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St. Kitts and Nevis are both small islands, with a combined total area of 104 square miles. While there may not be as many attractions on these sister islands as some of the larger countries in the Caribbean, there are still some landmarks of historical significance that are worth visiting.

Your tour of St. Kitts will most likely begin in Basseterre, the largest city on the island. The Circus, which is actually a circular open space at the intersection of several streets, with shopping, restaurants, and numerous sites. Moving out to other areas of the island, visitors find piers filled with the colorful sails of docked boats, restaurants, beaches, and hotels, but mostly undeveloped land.


National Museum

In case you enjoy expanding your knowledge of unfamiliar places and cultures, you should consider visiting a museum during your vacation. To learn additional information about each museum, try clicking on the name.

A common landmark for vacationers is National Museum. It is located in downtown Basseterre. The National Museum is a small, three room history museum that brings guests through the pre-Columbian era through today with very basic exhibits. While there is no tour guide available, placards provide insight into the history of the islands of St. Kitts and Nevis.

Museums On St. Kitts
Name Phone Location Island
National Museum (869) 466-2744 Downtown Basseterre St. Kitts

Historical Sites

Romney Manor

In case you like to learn about the history of an unfamiliar place, you might enjoy visiting some of these historical attractions while vacationing on St. Kitts.

Many travelers choose to visit Romney Manor. It is located in Old Road Town, St. Kitts. While today Romney Manor is home to a popular local store, it was once a plantation and estate that stretched for 6 acres.

If you are looking to do more sight-seeing, visit Brimstone Hill Fortress. It is Saint Anne Sandy Point Parish, in western St. Kitts. This UNESCO World Heritage Site was built by the British and once protected all of St.Kitts; a beacon of power for the whole of British Caribbean. It was eventually abandoned, and fell to ruins.

Wingfield Estate: The first working estate on the island, this property played a significant role in the history of St. Kitts as the very first land grant made in the West Indies by England. It also has an interesting story as the current owner bought it without this knowledge and has over the last decade continued to unearth more features of the property.

Be sure to look through this table for a list of historic sites on the island.

Historic Sites On St. Kitts
Name Phone Location
Basseterre Courthouse -- Downtown Basseterre
Brimstone Hill Fortress (869) 465-2609 1.0 mi. Southeast of Central Sandy Point Town
Co-Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception -- Downtown Basseterre
Fort Charles -- 1.5 mi. Northwest of Central New Guinea
Independence Square -- Downtown Basseterre
Palmetto Point Fort -- Trinity Palmetto Point Parish, Central St. Kitts
Romney Manor (869) 465-6253 5.6 mi. West-Northwest of Central Basseterre
The Circus -- Downtown Basseterre
Wingfield Estate -- 5.7 mi. West-Northwest of Central Basseterre

Miscellaneous Landmarks

Berkeley Memorial Clock

Travelers will discover some other interesting sites worth visiting on the island.

If you're intrigued by the beer-making process, consider visiting Carib Brewery. Tours are given Monday through Friday with the exception of public holidays.

If you are looking to do more sight-seeing, visit Berkeley Memorial Clock. It is found within The Circus and located within downtown Basseterre. Standing in honor of former President of the General Legislative Council Thomas Berkely, this monument features a grand clock tower with four faces. On the base there is also a drinking fountain where people can get some water.

The chart below enables you to learn some details concerning other kinds of attractions of interest to visitors.

Miscellaneous Landmarks On St. Kitts
Name Type Location
Berkeley Memorial Clock Monument Downtown Basseterre
Carib Brewery Brewery 1.3 mi. Northeast of Downtown Basseterre

Fortunately, you will find other attraction types available too. To visit our page about other attractions, go to this article.

It wouldn't be a prosperous vacation without some sort of exploration of the sites that have important significance to the people of the island. Add some culture to your St. Kitts and Nevis trip, and visit will be a successful one.


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