Planning Your Vacation on St. Kitts

Planning ahead will make your St. Kitts and Nevis vacation more enjoyable

St. Kitts and Nevis Travel Planning

The sleepy islands of St. Kitts and Nevis offer travelers beautiful and uncrowdede sand beaches. If you're looking for a relaxing getaway, this may be the vacation spot for you. Travelers can get a better idea of the kind of experience they will be having by doing a little reading up on these two sister islands.

When thinking about a vacation on a tropical island, reading and research may be the last things on your mind. But planning ahead is one of the most necessary steps in planning your trip in order to get the most out of your vacation experience. Knowing exactly what to expect while on vacation is important so that there are no unpleasant surprises, and you will know all of the exciting and unique adventures that both St. Kitts and Nevis have to offer.

Getting Info


St. Kitts and Nevis have many similarities, but also many differences. Both islands have an appeal all their own, so before setting off for either, do some research to gain a better understanding of exactly what these two islands have to offer. When going on vacation, it is important to know if these two islands meet your expectations of what a perfect vacation means to you. You may also come across information that you wouldn't have known otherwise. If you want to experience more activity and be a part of the crowd, consider spending more time on St. Kitts. On the other hand, if you enjoy a more tranquil and less populated environment, you may want to spend your time basking on the beautiful beaches of Nevis.  This web site, as well as official pages about St. Kitts, is a great places to start your research.  The library or your local book store can also be good resources.

Making Decisions

Developing a plan before you leave will answer many questions such as where to go and what attractions and sites to visit. After having done some research, you'll be able to pinpoint how you would like to travel, where you would like to stay, and what you would like to do while on St. Kitts.  It is also a good idea to discuss your feelings on your dream island getaway with whomever you will be traveling with so that you will all be on the same page.

When to Go

One of the decisions to make when planning to visit St. Kitts is deciding when to go.  Most vacationers head to the island and her sister between the months of December and April, when the temperatures are warmer and more pleasant than its northern neighbors, but if you want to avoid crowds and get some good deals, traveling during the off-season may be more your style.

Booking your Trip

After doing your research, making decisions about all of the important aspects of your trip, and discussing it with your traveling companions, it is time to make it official.  You can book your trip a number of ways these days, including Internet vendors that allow you to book everything at once and travel agents who handle all of your travel details for you.  You can even do it yourself by calling each individual vendor to book separately.

Research will let you know just what you'll get out of your vacation, whether it is exploring the ruins on St. Kitts or snoozing peacefully in a hammock on Nevis.  Doing your part to plan your trip before you go will only make each moment you spend on vacation that much more sweet. 


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