Eclectic Cuisine on St. Kitts

Throughout St. Kitts, you'll be able to sample a variety of choices with regards to dining. eclectic food lovers won't want to miss the various establishments serving this favorite. Sneak a taste of the eclectic favorites offered at the dining options detailed here.

With lots to try, from the very casual favorite named Ballahoo Restaurant to the unmistakable breakfast, dinner and lunch at Café Calypso, there is something to suit each and every visitor and any desired budget.

Use the list below to get a taste for the selection of restaurants on St. Kitts at which to sample eclectic eats. For each of the options, click to view more information about its dress code, food, or even nearby attractions.


Basseterre | (869) 465-9999

Situated less than a hundred yards west-southwest of downtown Basseterre, Serendipity is at 3 Wigley Avenue. Fresh fish from St. Kitts' coasts and eclectic flair are made for each other at this favorite place. Serendipity is little more than a terrace over looking the ocean, but that's all that it needs to be to provide a warm and romantic atmosphere for guests looking to escape from life long enough to enjoy a meal.


Frigate Bay | (869) 466-8245

Marshall's, on the premises of Horizons Villas, is located just outside the heart of Frigate Bay. Fabulously fresh fish and eclectic panache make for a bold combo at this exceptional formal dining option. The desserts at Marshall's are one of a kind. Freshly prepared sorbet and a number of banana based desserts such as banana flambe are on the menu.

Ballahoo Restaurant

Downtown Basseterre | (869) 465-4197

Located near the middle of downtown Basseterre, Ballahoo Restaurant is a part of The Circus, and is a viable option for vacationers who are going to be visiting this neighborhood or the surrounding area. The overall vibe to expect from this awesome bar and grill is not formal in the least, so guests can really sit back and enjoy good conversation as they eat simple, outrageously good grub. Overlooking the Circus Clock, it is an open-air restaurant that draws most of the cruise-ship crowd. With calypso and reggae playing on the sound system, the whirring fans, potted palms and the colourful island prints, you get an ambience with a very tropical feel.

The Beach House

Saint George Basseterre Parish | (869) 469-5299

The Beach House is located on St. Kitts; it is approximately five and a half miles (approximately nine kilometers) to the southeast of Frigate Bay. Fancy and formal is how we'd describe this restaurant, so those who aren't opposed to splurging on eclectic culinary creations won't want to miss it. The menu at the Beach House features a selection of dishes that are prepared using the most fresh ingredients, often picked by the chef himself.

Rock's Beach Bar and Grill

Basseterre | (869) 465-8914

Rock's Beach Bar and Grill, which is on the premises of Bird Rock Beach Hotel, is located along the eastern outskirts of Basseterre. When it comes to their style, the atmosphere this awesome bar and grill is pretty casual, so your whole group should feel relaxed as they come to eat simple, outrageously good grub.

eclectic Restaurants
Name Location Type Phone Number
Ballahoo Restaurant Downtown Basseterre Caribbean, Eclectic (869) 465-4197
Café Calypso 2.5 mi. East of Central Basseterre Eclectic (869) 466-1200
Marshall's 2.0 mi. East-Southeast of Central Basseterre Eclectic (869) 466-8245
Rock's Beach Bar and Grill 1.5 mi. East-Southeast of Downtown Basseterre Eclectic (869) 465-8914
Serendipity 0.7 mi. West-Southwest of Downtown Basseterre Eclectic, International (869) 465-9999
The Beach House 7.4 mi. Southeast of Central Basseterre Caribbean, Creole, Eclectic (869) 469-5299

Oftentimes, the best dining destinations on St. Kitts are those you catch sight of - or scent of - while out visiting attractions and tourist hubs. But, having a few nice-looking restaurants in your daily agenda, is better than leaving everything to the last minute. To discover more regarding the dining options waiting for you, check out this page.


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