Eclectic Cuisine on St. Kitts

If you've got a hankering for eclectic food, you might have an opportunity to spoil yourself. Even though you may find your options somewhat limited, you can still find a couple of restaurants on St. Kitts within this category.

With so much to try, from the very casual locale of Rocky's Beach Bar and Grill to the simple cafes whose decades-old preparations are worth adding to your vacation scrapbook, there's something in store for each visitor and every style of vacation.

Take a moment to get a taste for the small handful of eclectic eateries that you'll have the chance to visit during your stay. Click each option to read more about its style, hours, or even what the view will be like.

Café Calypso

Frigate Bay | (869) 466-1200

Café Calypso is located just beyond the the center of Frigate Bay. Do you just have to have coffee during your visit to St. Kitts? If this describes your cravings, consider making this fun restaurant the one thing on your list you do twice.

There are plenty of tempting coffees and snacks at this café, which serves up tasty treats that range from sandwiches to pastries.


Basseterre | (869) 465-9999


Serendipity is located just beyond the the center of Basseterre. Seafood and eclectic flavors come together for some great dishes at this unique eatery.

Both chilled and warm appetizers are available, so you will find food to fit your mood on any day in this open-air restaurant. Lunch offers a selection on entrees, light lunches and salads as main course options. Dinner options include pasta, fish, shellfish , poultry, meat and grilled delicacies.

Not only is the food artfully made, it is beautifully displayed on your plate. The attractiveness of the food rivals the allure of the view and you will find yourself snapping pictures of your meal before the enticing smell pushes you to dig in.

If you're a vegetarian, Serendipity has you covered, with dished like garlic mushroom, tofu and portobello burgers, portobello mushroom on quiona and vegetarian fajita on sizzling platter.

Rocky's Beach Bar and Grill

Basseterre | (869) 465-8914

Positioned toward the eastern outskirts of Basseterre, Rocky's Beach Bar and Grill is on the same premises as Bird Rock Beach Hotel, and is a smart choice that's worth considering if you're exploring this part of the city and nearby locations. If you're not looking to doll-up before having a good plate of eclectic cuisine, remember this restaurant where the service and style is very relaxed.

Some of the most memorable restaurants on St. Kitts are the ones you stumble upon during your exploration of different cities. However, jotting down the names of some places in your plans, may put everyone's minds at ease. To learn more details about the dining options available to you, check out this page.


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