St. Kitts Taxis

Taxis are relatively inexpensive ways to explore St. Kitts

Photo credit: © Vadim Klochko

While the thought of unmetered taxis on St. Kitts and Nevis may sound unstructured, most who visit the islands find taxis relatively inexpensive and a wise option for those who will only be making short, local trips.

Taxi Companies


While taxis on St. Kitts and Nevis are widely available, they are unmetered; fixed rates are posted at Robert L. Bradshaw International Airport on St. Kitts, Newcastle Airport on Nevis, and at the jetties. Splitting a cab can further reduce fares, as posted rates will apply to up to 4 passengers. Rates are also listed in the tourist guide and should include information for fares from airports, major hotels, and attractions around the islands.

Taxis are usually passenger vans and carry a yellow license plate with a "T". (Buses are also mini-vans and have a green plate with an "H".)

Many taxi drivers also double as tour guides of the islands, which can add a little flair to an otherwise ordinary ride through town. Vacationers should expect a 50 percent surcharge for late-night trips, from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. and other fare increases on Sundays, holidays, and for tours.

If you are stuck in a place where you can't seem to flag down a cab, contact one of the services in the following table.

Taxi Services
Name Phone Location
Kittitian Taxi & Tours (869) 762-8994 Downtown Basseterre
Rose and Jim's Taxi & Tour Service (869) 664-6202 Downtown Basseterre
Tatem's Taxi Service (869) 662-1129 Trafalgar Village - Downtown Basseterre

Buses are another transportation option on St. Kitts if you prefer to let someone else be in charge of getting to and from different locales. However, if you like to be the one in control of the wheel, you might want to bite the bullet and rent a car. Mopeds are an option as well, though not recommended due to the bumpy, mountainous roads. If you're craving a little adventure, try a mountain bike rental for day, and let your body do the work of getting you around.

Vacationers who will not require much transportation around one of the smallest nations in the world should consider using taxi services while on the island. There are many beautiful areas on St. Kitts and Nevis, and most can be reached by taxi.


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