Transportation Options for St. Kitts

Pick one of many transportation options for exploring the terrain of St. Kitts and Nevis

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Uncrowded beaches along with reasonably priced accommodations entice many vacationers to visit the island of St. Kitts. Once travelers decide on visitings, they will have to decide on how they want to arrive. By airplane or boat, this island is an ideal vacation spots for a tropical retreat.

Air Travel


Currently, the only way to arrive on St. Kitts is by plane from the States is via a hopper flight from one of the other Caribbean islands. Robert L. Bradshaw International Airport has a runway long enough to accommodate international flights, but it still does not host direct flights from Europe, even though some charters are available. Antigua, Puerto Rico, Martinique, Guadeloupe, and Barbados all offer transfers to St. Kitts.

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Sailing and Yachting offers vacationers a more adventurous and personalized means of travel to St. Kitts. Vacationers can often charter a yacht to take them from coastal towns in the United States to dock in Basseterre onSt. Kitts in just a few days time. If you plan to captain your own yacht, remember that there are some necessary documents to obtain before you will be permitted to go dock on either island. If you hire a charter, this is something the charter company will typically take care of. Learn more about traveling by boat to St. Kitts when you click here.


For those who want to arrive on St. Kitts by way of the ocean, several cruises include the island on their itineraries. Cruises are a good way to make traveling an enjoyable part of your vacation time. Travelers can sit back and relax while enjoying the wonderful sites and pampering that many cruise lines have to offer. St. Kitts is becoming a more popular cruise destination. Cruise lines that commonly sail into St. Kitts include CUNARD, Princess Cruises, Radisson 7 Sea Cruises, and Sea Dream Yacht Club. These ships usually dock in Basseterre at Port Zante. There are many activities, attractions and beauty to see on the island that any amount of time spent will have guests itching to plan their next vacation solely on St. Kitts. Learn more here.

Rental Cars

beaches, , and landmarks are reason enough to want to leave your hotel or all inclusive resort and explore the landscape and culture of St. Kitts. Car rentals offer travelers the most freedom and mobility, though at the most expense. Drivers stay to the left on St. Kitts. Roadways can be pocked with potholes, and animals occasionally dart in front of vehicles, but roads are generally well-maintained. Vacationers who want to rent a car need to secure a temporary driving license for whichever island they wish to drive on, and some rental companies on St. Kitts offer the option of a day exchange for a car on Nevis.

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Those who wish to see parts of the island but will not be touring extensively may wish to catch a taxi. You can usually flag down taxis from the roadside outside of the city. Taxis are not metered, and fixed rates are posted in airport and ferry terminals. Many taxi drivers also act as guides and offer island tours for reasonable prices.

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Cheaper than other options, buses in St. Kitts can be the right choice for those who are not in a rush. Bus service is sporadic but is most dependable during the morning and afternoon in the capitals. Still, make sure that you stick to a flexible plan, as while a bus can be early, late, or on time - it will still leave without you if you are not waiting. Find out more by reading our St. Kitts Bus Guide.


Most who visit St. Kitts will want to take at least one day trip to the neighboring island. Numerous ferry services regularly cross the small gap for reasonable fees. The trip takes about 45 minutes each day, and costs between EC$4 to EC$75 depending upon which ferry company you ride with, plus a EC$1 port charge. With the number of crossings and service available, there is no reason not to explore each island during your vacation.

Whatever method of transportation you choose, you should have few problems exploring all that this island has to offer.


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