Weather on St. Kitts in December

Weather on St. Kitts in December

Infrequent rain and daily temperatures that range between 76 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit give St. Kitts and Nevis a reputation for being the perfect Caribbean destination during the month of December. Whether you're traveling with the family or in a group of friends, many December visitors fall in love with the natural beauty of the island and the cheerful friendliness of its people.

Typical Weather in December

December temperatures on St. Kitts range from an average low of 76.0 degrees to an average high of 82.0 degrees . During the month of December, it rains an average of 8.0 days , with an average total rainfall of about 3.6 inches . Nevertheless, all precipitation, no matter how slight, is included in these tables.


St. Kitts in December: Key Facts
Monthly Averages
High Low Rainfall
No. of Days
with Rain
82.0° F 76.0° F 3.6 8.0

On a typical December day, during the early morning hours you will probably find the temperature will be around 77.6 degrees. The temperature will rise over the course of the typical December day, reaching somewhere around 83.1 degrees by early afternoon. By the early evening hours in December the temperature will generally fall to somewhere in the vicinity of 76.5 degrees. For the month of December as a whole, temperatures on St. Kitts average around 79.0 degrees.


December Temperatures on St. Kitts by Time of Day
Early Morning Late Morning Early Afternoon Late Afternoon Early Evening Overall
77.6° F 82.9° F 83.1° F 79.9° F 76.5° F 79.0° F



Rain is most likely to occur around 8:00 AM during the month of December, and it is least likely to occur around 2:00 AM. In St. Kitts during December, thunderstorms -- when they occur -- are most likely sometime around 2:00 AM.


December Rainfall on St. Kitts by Time of Day
  Percent Frequencies of Hourly Observations
Hour Rain
2:00 AM 5.1 % 0 %
5:00 AM # #
8:00 AM 7.6 % 0 %
11:00 AM 6.6 % 0 %
2:00 PM 5.3 % 0 %
5:00 PM 6.4 % 0 %
8:00 PM 6.2 % 0 %
11:00 PM # #
ALL 6.2 % 0 %


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