Willets Bay

Willets Bay is a beach on the northeast coast of St. Kitts with rough surf that makes it much more suitable for watersports than for swimming.

Set on the northwestern outskirts of Saint Pauls Parish, 0.4 miles northwest of Heldens, Willets Bay is on the North West coast of St. Kitts. You should consider dropping by regardless of whether you're staying very close. There are advantages to visiting a beach that isn't crowded into a major metropolitan area; beautiful but out-of-the-way beaches like Willets Bay are usually more relaxing than those overrun with fellow travelers.

How to Access The Beach

Located on the northwest coast of St. Kitts, Willets Bay is located in the parish of St. Paul.

Amenities and Ambiance

Willets Bay features stunning black sands and deep, dark blue waters. The waves crashing ashore coupled with the darkness of the area may appear ominous to some.

Unfortunately, you won't find any public restrooms along this coastline, but you may be able to find facilities at a nearby business.

Willets Bay offers a quiet and serene haven, especially since the surrounding region contains little build-up and is free of urbanization.

What's Nearby


This spot is on the North West coast of St. Kitts. It's located near Community Center, which is seen a half mile to the south, and it is among the popular spots in the area.

If you're intrigued by St. Kitts' history, many sites offer unique historical perspectives on the area. For example, you might enjoy a visit to Fort Charles, which is four miles to the south.

If you're looking for other nearby attractions or activity options, this beach isn't far from any of the items in the following table.

Activities and Attractions Near Willets Bay
Attraction Type Distance Direction Island
Community Center Convention, Conference and Meeting Space Center 0.5 S St. Kitts
Beaumont Park Race Track Horse and Dog Racetrack 1.6 E St. Kitts
Sandy Point National Marine Park Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 4.2 S St. Kitts
Fort Charles Historical Site 4.2 S St. Kitts
Brimstone Hill Fortress Historical Site 4.4 S St. Kitts

Cities and Towns

Willets Bay is close to Dieppe Bay Town, so a trip into the city is a definite option. The closest town to Willets Bay is Dieppe Bay Town, which isn't a congested area, and it will be a pleasant day trip for guests wishing to get a better feel for the area. From the shore, Dieppe Bay Town isn't far off, roughly a mile and a half (three kilometers).


The number of other vacationers sharing this coastline can vary widely, depending on everything from the time of day to how full nearby hotel rooms are. The area does not have very many large hotels, but it's sometimes enjoyed by visitors from some of the area's smaller options.

Although you won't find many hotels within driving distance, the nearest ones have been listed in the following table.

Accommodations near Willets Bay
Hotel Distance Direction Type
Belle Mont Farm 1.7 mi. SSE Hotel
Ottley's Plantation Inn 7.0 mi. ESE Resort


Although this spot isn't close to many restaurants, you'll probably still spot a few places to try, especially if you're prepared to drive a bit. The Kitchen is one of the closest eateries, which is a delicious choice during or after a day at the beach.

Nearby dining options are shown below.

Restaurants near Willets Bay
Restaurant Name Phone Cuisine Style Distance Direction
The Kitchen (869) 465-7388 Caribbean, Vegetarian -- 1.6 mi. SSE
The Golden Lemon (869) 465-7260 American, Caribbean, Continental Fine Dining 1.9 mi. E
King Snack (869) 466-1886 -- -- -- --

Other Beaches

Vacationers who are looking for the ideal beach will have other options if Willets Bay doesn't suit their tastes.

You might also enjoy Frigate Bay North, located within cab range of the beach. On the other hand, White House Bay offers a few more possibilities for excitement, and isn't far from additional things to do and see nearby.

You may also enjoy Pump Bay, another great beach choice on St. Kitts.

While St. Kitts has many alluring attractions, Willets Bay is both a refreshing place to relax, and a beautiful natural attraction.


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