Accommodations on St. Lucia

Great accommodation options can be found throughout the island of St. Lucia


St. Lucia is one of the few islands in the Caribbean which still maintains the delicate balance between having just enough real estate to accommodate the rising tourism industry, without feeling overcrowded with resorts.

Accommodations Map

Here you'll find an answer to any desire, ranging from an all-inclusive mega-resort with 18-hole golf course to a quiet rustic guest house with trade-wind breezes sneaking in through jalousie shuttered windows. You never feel jam-packed, shoulder to shoulder, with other tourists. On the contrary, on St. Lucia, you often feel as if the island is your own.


Being on the outer edge of the Caribbean, the Atlantic Coast can be too rough for many of the water sports people come to St. Lucia to enjoy, so most accommodations are usually located on the west side of the island and directly on the beaches. Most of the eastern seaboard is lined with banana plantations, and is relatively untouched by tourism.

The north end of St. Lucia is its most urbanized area with a good number of hotels and resorts centered around the capital city of Castries. This is also home to many of St. Lucia's large all inclusive resorts.

The southwest end of the island is more rural and populated by smaller hotels, inns, and rental properties. Soufrièremakes an important exception to this rule, and is crowned by the island's famed volcanoes, the twin Pitons. These provide the region with an adventurous flair that spills over into the character of hotels and resorts which reside there.

Lastly, just north of Soufrière and south of Marigot Bay, in the rural center of the island, is St. Lucia's one campground Anse la Liberté. Here one will find the cheapest room on St. Lucia, namely a tepee with a packed dirt floor in the middle of a jungle.


As you seek out accommodations on St. Lucia, a review of our Star Ratings will be helpful to you. These ratings are compiled without regard to price, taking into consideration only the things that effect the quality of the property. These might include décor, amenities, comfort, and the friendliness of the staff. Because cost is not taken into consideration, you may be able to find a number of different levels of quality within your price range.

One and Two Stars

St. Lucia's hotels that have a 1 Star ratings have the bare minimum of all things, from furnishings to amenities. These locales are often very small and owned and operated by one person or a family. This is just fine for vacationers who aren't planning to spend much time lounging in their rooms. St Lucia's 1 Star properties include Cara Suites Castries, Caribbean Jewel Beach Resort, and Tuxedo Villas, and range in price from $55 to $125(USD).

The island's 2 stars accommodations are slightly larger and offer a few more extras than the 1 Star properties. These are often still privately owned, but could be owned by a small national chain, and might include room service as a perk. St. Lucia's 2 Star properties includes La Dauphine Estate, and range in price from $70 to $300(USD).

Three Stars

The island's 3 stars properties begin to lean more towards luxurious, or at the very least are often more comfortable. These properties have nice furnishing, and a staff that is willing to go the extra mile. You'll often find a bar, hotel, or both on property. St. Lucia's 2 Star properties includes Stony Hill, and range in price from $85 to $400(USD).

Four Stars

Rooms at 4 stars properties definitely begin to feel more put together, and well-cared for. These properties are impeccably cared for, have great staffs, and take great care in the appointments of each room. High-end amenities make your stay at a 4 Star resort more enjoyable. St. Lucia's 4 Star properties include Anse Chastanet Resort, Body Holiday at Lesport, and Jade Mountain Resort, and range in price from $100 to $900(USD).

Five Stars

If you want to experience the best of St. Lucia, go with a 5 stars property. These hotels are kept very clean, made very comfortable, and are otherwise very well taken care of. They will also include many extras such as flat screen televisions, or jacuzzi tubs in the bathroom. Space is another factor, don't expect to be bumping into your roommates when you choose a 5 Star. St. Lucia's 5 Star properties include three Sandals resorts, and range in price from $125 to over $1000(USD).


Anse Chastanet Resort

St. Lucia has hotel options that will appeal to almost any kind of traveler. Choose from glitzy resorts, low-cost accommodations, and plenty more in between. Visitors hoping to enjoy an active late-night scene will encounter exactly that at many hotels around St. Lucia. Click on their names to read more details.

A great vacation spot with on-site recreation is Royal St. Lucian. The Royal St. Lucian's all-suite hotel exudes luxury with every detail to make your stay on St. Lucia elegant and grand. Nestled in the midst of tropical foliage, each suite looks over the stunning Caribbean waters and St. Lucia's pristine white beaches. If you want to be sure they're open , call them at (758) 452-9999.

A place located on the water's edge to consider is Royal by Rex Resorts St. Lucia. Rex Resorts Papillon St. Lucia offers five different styles of rooms with various views, from garden to pool to beachfront. Visitors can find them at 3 Reduit Beach.

Those who are in search of convenient on-site dining may want to check out Cap Maison Resort and Spa. Accommodations at Cap Maison vary greatly from your typical hotel room to suites that are often larger than your typical American home. Ocean/Garden View Rooms Blue and white hand-painted tiles add a nice touch to the bathrooms in the Ocean and Garden View Rooms. These rooms each some with a balcony overlooking the landscaping for which they are named, while inside guests may choose from one king-sized bed or two twin beds. If you want to know more, call them at (758) 450-8847.

St. Lucia has other choices too. Click here to read our article concerning hotels on St. Lucia.

Condos and Villa Complexes

Oasis Marigot Club and Villas

There are non-hotel lodging possibilities on the island, which include a condominium building and some villa complexes.

If you're wanting to stay somewhere with an active bar scene, Marigot Beach Club is one destination you might want to think about. There are three studios available at the club: Firefly, Grande, and Deluxe Beachfront. Each sleeps two, though Firefly has the option of a king-sized bed, a queen-sized bed, or twin-sized bed while the other two studios have queen-sized four-poster beds. If you are looking for something specific and want to call ahead, do so at (758) 451-4974.

Oasis Marigot Club and Villas is a property of this type, which is on St. Lucia. Overlooking gorgeous beachfront property is a vacation community nestled on a hillside in one of the most enticing spots on the island. The Club also arranges sailing excursions to Martinique and the Grenadine Islands, plus they can arrange scuba diving trips or a romantic getaway. Visitors will find them on Seaview Avenue.

Gateway Villas is another notable option. For an affordable home away from home on St. Lucia, choose Gateway Villas. Guests have the options of choosing between a Studio apartment, or a one, two, three, or four bedroom villa. Customers can contact them at (758) 450-8611.

Of course, there are additional choices. To read a more detailed discussion of villa complexes on the island, check out this page.

Individual Villas

Some vacationers often prefer the independence offered by one of the privately rented villas. Take advantage of this article concerning the individual property rentals on St. Lucia if you'd like to find some more information.

All-Inclusive Accommodations

St. Lucian by Rex Resorts

Some travelers enjoy the added certainty of all-inclusive pricing. There are multiple reasons why these plans are so popular. For instance, they offer unparalleled relaxation without the worry of budgeting each day's expenses.

Avid tennis players often like the idea of staying at St. Lucian by Rex Resorts, as they offer some good tennis facilities. Step into paradise while on St. Lucia at the Rex Resorts St. Lucian, surrounded by beautiful tropical gardens and just off of the island's white Reduit Beach sands. This resort is one of the most well-established on the island, so guests can be sure they will be treated with care. They're located at 1 Reduit Beach.

A property along the coast that is worth considering is Sandals Halcyon Beach St. Lucia. Nine styles and view offerings are available at Sandals Halcyon Beach St. Lucia, ensuring guests will find the exact accommodation to suit their lifestyle. All offer amenities that vary with the choice of room chosen, but all are luxurious and romantic by any standard. Guests can reach them at (758) 453-0222.

If you want to read more details about properties offering this option, navigate to this page.

Tepees excluded, accommodations on St. Lucia are elegant, sophisticated and refined - solidly in tune with the island's strong British heritage. Likewise, rates are not the lowest you're likely to find in the Caribbean. Always inquire about extra fees and applicable taxes that may not have been added onto the quoted rates.

While St. Lucia is not the cheapest island to visit in the Caribbean, you can rest assured you will get your money's worth at one of their hotels.


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